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Single White Female

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  • Single White Female
  • Author: John Lutz and Don Roos
  • Director: Barbet Schroeder
  • Producer: Jack Baran
  • Year: 1992
  • Country: US
  • 107 minutes
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Traumatized by the discovery that her live-in fianc\é has cheated on her with his ex-wife, Allison decides to find a roommate to share her apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. After interviewing candidates, beautiful, sophisticated career woman Allison settles on Hedra, a shy, mousy woman who has a hopeless fashion sense, and seemingly, a heart of gold. At first she's an ideal roommate, asking Allison for advice and attempting to emulate her cosmopolitan style. But Hedy's adulation grows more and more disturbing as Allison realizes that her new roommate has a dark side.

Qvamp says:

This is either a highly suspenseful movie about an unfortunate young woman's psychological breakdown, or it's a glossy slasher movie starring two pert actresses. It could also be a marginal horror flick using routine shocks and sensationalizing women's sexuality for cheap thrills or quite possibly it's all at the same time. However you look at it, there's no denying this roommate I-want-to-be you slasher flick is fun.

Written by openly gay Don Roos, the queer content of the film is somewhat limited. There is some alluding to the new roommate wanting to be with Allison. More importantly though, Allison's best friend is her gay neighbor. Though he is somewhat stereotypically portrayed, he is not only her mentor, but also fairly heroic, giving his life to save hers.

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