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Make a Wish

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  • Make a Wish
  • Author: Lauren Johnson
  • Director: Sharon Ferranti
  • Producer: Lawrence Silverstein
  • Year: 2002
  • Country: US
  • 96 minutes
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A group of women go camping for an annual Birthday party for Susan, who always like to invite her ex-lovers every year to go with her. Each of the women embodies an aspect of the lesbian community, including one that is no longer gay. In addition to these women, the film includes a hunter representing the worst aspects of heterosexual manhood, a jealous boyfriend and a detective. As the camping trip continues, the women (and several of the men) begin disappearing one by one. The film leads to the standard conclusion in the somewhat standard way, with the last few seconds of the film causing the viewer to lose track of the plot entirely.

Qvamp says:

'Make a Wish' is a thriller directed by a lesbian and written for a lesbian audience, and is one of the first in the genre. While there are lots of humorous queer 'inside jokes' and a bevy of openly lesbian lead characters, this film disappoints by containing a cast of mostly one-dimensional clich\és. The film started off with a great premise - especially true to lesbian form, where a closed-off and distant woman invites all of her exes on a camping retreat. However, even as the characters are killed off in ways that are neither interesting nor unique, we have lost interest in them, and no longer care.

Though the film is painful and somewhat amateurish, it is refreshing to see a cast of almost exclusively openly lesbian characters in a horror flick. And the clich\és portrayed by the supporting characters will prove to be well known to any social lesbian.

Rating C+
Queer Vampire Rating B
Amount of Gay Content sex


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