Queer Horror

Wants List

While virtually anything that is listed as "haven't read/seen" is desired, here are the few things I am specifically looking for at the time. If you have a copy, or know where I could get one, I'd really like to know. I would also like to thank helpful fans that have helped me find most of the things I've been looking for.


  • A Religious Experience - Karla Carmony, Amy Boyd, Margo Dean
  • Because the Dawn - Amy Goldstein
  • Chicula, Teenage Vampire - Angela Robinson
  • Death of P'Town - Ken Jacobs
  • Dragula - James Moss
  • Guess What Happened To Count Dracula (aka Dracula and the Boys) (gay version only) - Laurence Merrick


  • Xena episodes: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
  • X-files Episode "X-cops" on DVD

  • Valley of the Damned - William J. Lambert (pulp novel) 1971

Pictures (actual photographs, NOT computer images)

  • Photos from Xena's " Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun"
    • Gabrielle actually biting Xena
    • Gabrielle dancing with the maenids
  • Picture of the gay couple on X-Files episode 'X-cops'
  • Good quality photos of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Vampire Willow seducing herself from 'Dopplegangland'
  • Good quality photos of important scenes in queer horror movies (for use in an upcoming book) - or information on where to find some.



  • Any 'Interview With The Vampire' merchandise showing more than one of the male vampires together
  • Any 'The Hunger' posters with the two vampire women
  • Any 'Bite Me in the Coffin, Not in the Closet' zines, newsletters, or whatnot


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