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They are the ultimate forbidden pleasure - ruthless in their eroticism, tender in their devotions, and utterly irresistible in their dangerous temptations. Spend the night with four mysterious men whose kiss is more than deadly, it's forever...

Qvamp says:

A great collection of four gay vampire stories. The stories themselves are diverse in topic and style. Ford's 'Sting' is by far the best of the bunch and is very well-written and different than the average vampire story.

The rest have their moments. 'His Hunger' by Mann had a nice Gothic style to it, and presented a classic vampire tale with a gay twist. 'Bradon's Bite' by Wolfe is well written, and has some unusual plot elements to it, but falls into the tired old vampire clich\é of 'Being immortal is so hard, you get so lonely. I'd give it all up to be human.'

'Devoured' started off well and introduced a vampire history that (to my knowledge) has not been done before. However, it failed to hold my interest.

For gay vampire fans, this is a good addition to your collection and was nominated for a 2003 Queer Horror award.

Rating B
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content sex

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