Queer Werewolves
Brian's Transformation - Part I
by: name withheld

Chapter 1:  A Disturbing Appeal

    "Brian, we've been friends our whole lives.  I've got to confide in somebody.  You've got to help me!  I've got a serious problem!"

    "Oh, come on, Michael, what can be so bad at our age?  We're just teenagers!  You didn't knock up that bitch you've been dating, did you?"

    "I wish it was something that simple!  I'm totally screwed up.  My life won't ever be the same again!  It's that damn Marion.  He did it to me!"

    I scowled at the mention of Marion and responded, "I warned you to steer clear of that weird guy, but you wouldn't listen!  He's too old for either of us to be hanging out with.  He must be at least 25, and we're seniors. Besides, I can't stand the way he looks at me and I've caught him looking at you the same way.  Sometimes I think maybe he's a fag!"

    "Don't rub it in!  Wish I had taken your advice," Michael admitted ruefully.  "I never expected anything like what happened!"

    "Oh, no!  Don't tell me he came on to you!  What'd he do?"

    "He infected me!" Michael admitted.  "I didn't have a chance against him!  He was incredibly strong!"

    "He fucked you!" I responded with disbelief.  "Man!  He'd had to kill me before he could do that!"

    "He says it's sort of like a virus and it can't be cured," Michael explained as he dropped his eyes.  "Not now anyway, after what I did."

    "AIDS!  He gave you AIDS?" I said with a sudden understanding of his dilemma.  "My god, Michael, that's horrible!  You've got to see a doctor right off!  And then tell your parents and the police too!  That bastard!"

    "It won't do any good," he answered grimly.  "But it's not AIDS and he didn't screw me.  There's no way I can ever tell my folks or the cops!  I'd be in big time trouble myself!"

    "Oh, man, what a relief," I replied.  "Nearly any other disease you'll finally get over.  Just relax.  It can't be all that bad!"

    "No, it's much worse than you could possibly imagine!" Michael said with a desperate look as he pounded his fist against his left palm angrily.  "It makes me do things I know are wrong!"

    Going over to him and putting my arm around his shoulders I said, "We're best friends.  Whatever it is we can work through it.  Why don't you tell me all about it."


Chapter 2:  Michael's Story

    Frowning and taking a deep breath, Michael explained his strange remarks and the cause of his anxiety. He started with a conversation he had with Marion about a month previously.

    Marion urged, "Michael, let's backpack into the national forest this weekend.  It's great weather."

    "Sounds like fun!  I'll ask Brian and a couple of the other guys.  We should be able to work out a real expedition," I replied.

    Marion's frowning reaction showed that the suggestion didn't fit with his plans.

    "I don't think that's a good idea, Michael.  Too many guys along on a trip like that can cause problems.  Besides, I wanted to show you something special that I don't want to share with the others.  I think you will like it!  They can go with us later.  I guarantee that you will like having them availble then better than you will now!"

    "What is it you want to show me?" I asked, my curiosity thoroughly aroused.

    "If I told you it would ruin the surprise," he countered with a wry grin.  "You'll find out when the time comes!"

    We worked out the details and Friday night set up our pup tents halfway up the hillside, just out of sight of a main hiking trail in the forest.  We had a clear view of the river below us. The leaves were well out on the trees and bushes, providing an almost flourescent green backdrop.  I arranged several medium-sized rocks into a fire ring so we could have a campfire. Marion gathered some small sticks for kindling and arranged a pyramid of larger sticks over them, topping it off with larger limbs from the forest floor.  The spot was quiet and peaceful, making me glad I had agreed to come.  

    We lit the campfire about dusk.  I cut a couple of forked sticks and placed a hot dog from my small ice chest on each.  Marion accepted his when I offered it to him, but didn't join me in roasting it over the fire.

    "You not hungry?" I asked as I rapidly rotated the frank to keep it from burning.

    "Yeah, starving, but I'll eat later," he replied as he stood up and paced around, looking toward the patches of sky he could see in the growing darkness.

    As I ate my meager supper, I took advantage of the opportunity to look him over carefully.  His most unusual physical features were slanted eyebrows that meet at the bridge of his nose and an unusually long third finger on each hand.

    "What you looking for?" I asked.  "Don't worry about rain.  I checked the forecast and there's not a cloud in the sky."

    "I know!  I keep up with stuff like that too," he responded in a snappish voice as he continued to pace nervously.

    After eating my hot dog, I inflated my air mattress and lay on the ground listening to the sounds of frogs and insects, finding it relaxing.  Without warning, a strange sound that bordered on a howl jerked me out of semi-sleep with a start!

    "What was that!" I asked as I bolted upright.  Reports of mountain lions in the forest flashed into my mind.

    Marion was standing with his hands in the air above his head, staring intently at the moon which had just appeared over the horizon.

    "The moon.  It's going to be full," he murmured with a voice filled with awe.  "It's time!"

    "Time for what?" I responded, feeling confused and distinctly uncomfortable at his demeanor.  "Why are you acting and talking so strange?"

    He slowly turned and faced me.  I felt a chill run down my back.  His eyes were wild-looking, with something almost inhuman about them.  It created a feeling of horror in me that I had never before experienced.  I felt my heart beating heavily and my pulse racing.

    Marion grasped the front of his shirt with both hands and jerked it open, sending the buttons flying in all directions.  A small tattoo of a crescent moon was visible on his left pec despite his dense chest hair.  He glanced back at the moon and turned his head upward.  This time there was no mistaking the source of the howl!  Somehow he seemed more muscular that I had realized as he tore his eyes from the moon and slowly approached me, breathing heavily.

    "What the fuck's going on?" I demanded as I struggled to my feet and hastily backed away from him.

    "This is the surprise I promised you," he replied in a voice so distorted that I was almost unable to recognize it as being his.

    He moved slowly, almost cautiously, toward me.  I stumbled on a rock and fell backward.  In an instant he pounced on me, forcing my arms to the ground behind my head.  I strained to free myself, but he seemed to have the strength of several men!

    "Let me up, Marion.  "You're hurting me!" I demanded.

    "I must have you!" he responded in a guttural voice that left no room for compromise.

    Thinking he was playing a practical joke on me, I answered, "Cut out the werewolf act!  I don't believe in that shit!  You'll have to find some other guy to pull that on!"

    "I am a werewolf!" he said with a snarl.  "I want to eat you right now!" he added as he released my arms and pushed my tee shirt upward to just under my armpits.  "If you cooperate, I may not.  It's your choice!"

    "B-But a werewolf is hairy all over and has big fangs!" I protested. "Anyway those stories are a bunch of baloney.  There's no such thing as werewolves!"

    "Don't believe everything you hear," he said with a snarl as he jerked open my pants and pulled them to my knees.  "You've been watching too many movies.  They give us a bad rap!"

    He continued, "I'm a real werewolf.  There have been ones like me all throughout time.  The pineal gland triggers my transformation when exposed to the light of the full moon.  When it occurs, I have to eat!"

    "A h-human?" I asked fearfully as he felt my thighs with his hands as saliva dripped from his mouth.  "M-me?"

    "I can eat any meat in an emergency, but I must have boys most times or I will begin to degenerate!" he growled as he pushed my jeans to my ankles and extended his examination to my calves.

    "No, please!  You can't do this!" I begged, now thoroughly frightened.

    I didn't for one minute believe his werewolf story, but it was obvious that he did and that he was capable of anything!  Most likely he was suffering from some kind of psychoses accompanied by delusions. But he might easily kill me, I realized as I thought of the isolated location and the improbability of being able to get help.  I decided it was wise to humor him.  

    "Look, let's work out some kind of deal," I proposed, stalling for time, but having no idea what line of reasoning might placate him.

    "Only one compromise is possible!  I need a partner!" he immediately volunteered.  "If you refuse I will kill and eat you now!"

      "A partner for what!" I asked, trying to follow his line of distorted reasoning to prevent him from becoming violent.

    Marion explained,  "Like actual wolves, werewolves can live alone for many years, yet the instinct for a pack often leads us away from our secretive lifestyle, into revealing our nature to a close associate, or converting another person to werewolfry for companionship.  The disadvantage is that this opens us up to detection."

    "So you want me for a companion!" I mused.

    " I get lonely between transformations," he admitted, his voice softening.  "And I need help with the captures.  I can't risk being found out!"

    "How long have you been a werewolf," I asked as my mind raced.  If I could keep him talking, I might be able to escape.

    "I'm over 200 years old," he replied quietly.  "I'm not sure of my exact age.  After a certain point it doesn't matter anymore."

    Although I managed to keep a serious look, Marion seemed to sense my disbelief that a guy who looked like him could be ancient.

    He continued, "It's one of the advantages of the transformation and of my diet.  As long as I eat human meat regularly, I don't age.  You will be the same way when you join me!  With eternal youth!  Think about it!"

    "You mean you can't be killed?" I asked.

    Marion answered with a totally straight face, "Werewolves are immune from aging and from most physical diseases due to the constant regeneration of our physical tissue. We can, therefore, be virtually immortal. However, in addition to starvation, we can be killed by any wound that destroys the heart or the brain, or any form of death that causes brain or heart damage - such as hanging or other oxygen-deprivation methods."

    "How can I join you?  I'm not a-a werewolf," I responded, wondering if I had said the wrong thing and sealed my fate at the hands of a mentally disturbed man.

    "You will be!" he assured me as he patted the side of my face.  "You will know its power and freedom tonight!"

    Marion opened his mouth to reveal an astounding sight!  His teeth had become longer and larger with the canines protruding noticeably!  I felt panic growing within me as I stared at the incredible transformation.

    "My god, Michael!  It's true!" I managed to say before he pulled my arm upward and fastened his teeth on the largest part of my forearm.  He tightened his bite slowly, but firmly.  I felt only  pressure at first, and then a searing pain as his teeth broke through my skin.  Blood dripped down onto my chest!  He abruptly released my arm.  I felt a burning sensation at the place of his bite.  It began to spread up my arm with alarming speed.

    "You sleep now.  I'll be back soon," he said as he got up and stalked off toward the trail.  "The first change takes a lot out of a guy!"

    I struggled to get up to take advantage of the opportunity to escape, but the burning had spread into my chest and I found that I was losing consciousness!  I don't know how long I was out, but the full moon had risen from the horizon to a point overhead and the campfire had burned itself out when a crashing sound brought me back to awareness.  I felt different somehow-stronger it seemed-and I was ravenous!  Sitting up, I saw Marion emerging from the bushes, shoving ahead of him an attractive boy who appeared to be about my age.  His blonde hair was disheveled and his clothes were torn in several places.

    "I brought our supper!" he said with a note of finality.

    "You've got to help me!" the teenager appealed.  "This crazy guy dragged me off from my camping buddies!  He's got to be nuts!"

    My first impulse was to attempt to intervene on his behalf, but as I looked at him in the pale light of the full moon, I experienced a desire that I would have thought to be impossible.  I wanted to eat him more than I had ever wanted anything in my life!  It was an overpowering urge, unmistakably sexual in nature.  I developed the most complete erection of my life!

    "I'll hold him while you take his clothes off," Marion stated rather than asked.  "Then we'll share him."

    I moved directly in front of the boy that he had identified as our meal. He was nearly six feet tall, around 160 pounds, but most important of all had a muscular build that was evident even through his clothes.  I felt no concern for him, only an overwhelming desire to taste his tender flesh!  I seemed to fall into a frenzy as I ripped and tore at his clothes.

    "Help! Help!" he cried out in panic.

    I felt no compassion for him as I completed stripping him and began to run my hands hungrily over his bare body!

    "You found a good one," I remarked casually as I bit savagely into our captive's right thigh.

    Marion began to tear chunks of flesh from his arm.  As I bit mouthful after mouthful of his flesh, I began to ejaculate heavily, which only added to my feeding frenzy.  Between the two of us, we must have eaten several pounds of boymeat-far beyond what I could normally hold--but I still felt  an intense hunger.  Every few minutes we both returned to feasting on the boy's naked body.  I felt an exhilaration beyond anything I had ever experienced. The meat was delicious!

    The next thing I remember, it was morning.  Birds were singing and there was a light breeze.  I was on my air mattress just outside my tent.  Marion was sprawled on the ground on his back, sleeping with his mouth open.

    "Man!" I called out, "what a dream!"

    When I sat up I saw blood stains on my hands, chest, and pants.  At almost the same instant I caught sight of the gruesome remainder of our dinner!  Large portions of his thighs, arms, and buttocks were missing!

    "Oh, no!  It can't be!" I screamed.

    Marion stirred and sat up.  "Good morning," he said casually.  "Have a good night's sleep?"

    "Look what we did!" I returned.  "We killed a guy!"

    "I know.  You get used to it after the first few," he replied and yawned.  "Just give it a little time.  You're one of us now.  You'll adjust to your new life."


Chapter 3:  The Demonstration

    When Michael finished his fantastic story, I stared at him with my mouth open.  But I could see no hint of a grin to indicate that he had been teasing me.

    "You expect me to believe a bunch of bullshit like that?" I said incredulously.  "You take me for a fool?"

    "I wish it weren't true," he said as he pulled his billfold from his rear pocket and withdrew a folded clipping from the newspaper.  "Read this!"

    The article by a reporter for the Daily Times reported the mysterious disappearance of a 19-year-old boy in the national forest.  It detailed how he had been dragged away, apparently by an animal, when he went after additional firewood.  His companions had been unable to find a trace of him despite hearing him scream for help.  The article attempted to tie the case in with a series of disappearances of boys and young men in the local area which had begun about six months ago.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck when I realized that was about when Marion had first appeared.  I had no doubt that something had happened, although Michael was confused or deluded by the older man as to the specifics.

    "The full moon is tonight," Michael persisted.  "I can prove this to you if you will do exactly what I say so you'll be safe.  You can see the transformation, but you have to tie me up so you will have time to get away before I break free.  No ropes can hold me more than a short time!"

    "You won't hurt me.  We're pals," I protested.  "I don't want to tie you up."

    "Once it happens I have to eat.  I'd kill you without a thought.  I have no control over my actions!  I'll eat the first young male I encounter. Marion says I will die if I don't eat meat before sunrise!"    

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