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Have a story that you want to share with a queer were in it? This is the place. The collection is small, but hopefully growing. I strongly encourage any lesbian and transgender werewolf story submissions.

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No classic werewolf stories have been found as of yet. Please check out classic vampire and horror stories.


General Queer Werewolf Stories

Moonlit inspired by okitty gay contentLesbian were-creature story.
An American Were-Hypnotist in London by Topaz172 gay contentGay 'were' story. Sex.
Territory by Drew Flick gay contentA very good gay werewolf story. Light violence.
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Gay Male Werewolf Porn

Prey by Kevin Ryan gay contentWere-man? porn
Lupus Erectus by William J. Lambert III gay contentWerewolf porn
A Tale of Pain by SwampRat gay contentShort piece of werewolf torture porn. Rape.
My Friend Larry by Pat MacGregor gay contentWerewolf porn, bestiality
Full Moon Fever by Andrew "Aethan" French gay contentWerewolf porn
Brian's Transformation (Name withheld) gay contentWerewolf porn, cannibalism, rape, murder
Jack Meets the Wolf by Zane Lewis gay contentWerewolf porn
Wolves by Mark Forrester gay contentWerewolf porn
The Property of the Pack by Lord Dracul gay contentWerewolf porn
Additional gay vampire and gay horror porn
Have a story you'd like to see here? The story must be about queer were-creatures to be included, but need not be werewolves, gay male, nor sexually explicit (these stories were just the easiest to find and get permission for me to use). For the most part, I only require that stories be spell-checked and grammar-checked. However, I am no longer accepting gay male werewolf porn. Otherwise, new admissions are always accepted and encouraged. If you have a story you'd like to have added, please e-mail me and I'll add it provided it has non-homophobic queer werewolf content.

Any suggestions, questions or comments, please email: QVamp@QueerHorror.com