Queer Werewolves

inspired by: okitty


Kat ripped out her screen and slid through her bedroom window, shedding her clothes as she ran. The moon would soon rise and she knew what awaited her at the edge of the trees. It was a fair distance to the woods -- a long field lay behind her house, and no other houses were nearby. Still in her human form she started to become worn out from the heavy running and her feet hurt. In spite of this, she ran on, her long brown hair flowing behind her. She glanced up at the sky and smiled.

Kat finally reached the line of trees and collapsed to the ground, exhausted from the long run. Past the trees, the moon in its full glory was now able to penetrate the darkness and gave light to the plants surrounding her. She knew what was coming and was filled with pleasure at the thought. Kat felt the dark fur creep up her spine and cover her entire body, warming her chilled skin. Her bones twisted and reshaped as she fell to the ground on all four padded feet. Her nose grew and her ears slid up the sides of her head, became pointed. Just as quickly she felt as her spine grow out to become a long thin tail, and then her transformation was complete. She was a gorgeous black were-panthress, and strong, incredibly strong.

Hidden within the dark, fitful night something menacing quietly watched her transformation. It watched her, knowing what was to happen next, and sadness filled its eyes. The stalker stayed downwind, being careful. Slipping deeper into the bushes, it lay down to wait for the right moment.

While the golden moon shone through the curtain of trees, she ran, unaware of the watching eyes of her stalker. Kat felt a pure freedom she never experienced in her other form, as she flew through the night on silent paws. There was nothing to get in her way; she was virtually invincible and she knew it. The trees flew by, seeming to rejoice in her freedom.

Suddenly there was another were-beast standing in front of her. This one was much like Kat but still very different. It was a tall, strong and beautiful female werewolf. Kat knew her instantly. While Rina was a sharp contrast to Kat, there was one important similarity; in both creatures eyes the passion of love for the other burned brightly. Nothing could destroy the fiery passion the two held for each other.

Rina's soft golden eyes pierced Kat's own wintry green eyes, as they stared at each other. Rina looked down at Kat with a playful, almost puppy-like look. Without any warning, Rina bit down on the back of Kat's neck, gently but firmly. Kat hissed in surprise, but the sound soon turned into a purr of ecstasy as Rina gnawed softly on the back of Kat's neck.

They stood there together for a while, until Kat interrupted Rina's show of affection by breaking free, playfully pouncing on Rina. She bounded off, knowing that she would be followed. She knew that Rina would follow her to hell, and what scared Kat most was that she also knew that she would do the same for Rina. Quickly she ran, Rina following close behind her. What she didn’t count on was another creature slipping through the dark, trailing the two lovers.

The two ran about until they reached a moonlit clearing. Seductively, Kat laid down and rolled over on her back, with her legs spread apart. Spread-eagle, Kat suddenly felt a breath on her thigh. Rina pushed her nose against Kat's opening and thrust in her tongue. The feeling was intoxicating and Kat began to breathe heavier. Rina moved her tongue around in circles against Kat's clit, she tasted it; it was warm and sweet on Rina`s tongue. Kat soon cried out in pleasure. Rina continued her licking and soon Kat came three times in rapid succession. Kat then took command and pushed Rina over and began to lick the inside of Rina's leg, moving closer and closer to where Rina wanted her to go.

A while later they lay together, both panting, happy and quite spent. Gently they nuzzled each other, quite content.

After a while, the two began to run side by side through the forest, in search of prey. Together they moved as one, matching each other in speed, agility, and strength. Other animals could sense they were on the hunt and ran to get out of the way; ran to where they would be safe. Kat felt safe and secure next to Rina, knowing that together they could defeat anything that got in their way. Kat knew nothing of Rina's life as a human and Rina knew nothing of Kat's, but they didn't care. Being with each other at night left them content and renewed their love for each other. They continued to run, smelling the wind as they went. The air was cool on their sleek bodies, and the earth damp beneath them.

Rina suddenly smelled a change in the air; Kat's stalker was no longer downwind of the two. Kat sniffed the wind and knew there was going to be trouble.

Two yellowed eyes pierced the night as a bold cat prowled up to the pair. Rina and Kat stared at the newcomer, not sure what to think, hesitant to move. They shifted closer to each other and stood shoulder to shoulder as the stranger walked toward towards them. The cat, a female jaguar, snorted in disgust at the unlikely couple. It disapproved of the two different species’ love for each other. In spite of this, the jaguar looked into Kat's eyes with a cold longing. The wolf growled fiercely. Wanting to rise to the challenge, the jaguar stepped aside, letting Kat decide what to do next. She knew at once that she loved her wolf dearly and began to hiss at her partner. Kat glanced at her partner Rina, signaling her that something needed to be done, and the lovers quickly advanced towards the jaguar, claws and fangs bared, when they paused seemingly for no reason.

All three of them sensed it at the same time, a subtle change in the world that signified their time was coming to an end. As one they all turned, first glancing at the full moon as it hung low in the sky, then to the horizon where the soft glow from the sun just began to peek over the horizon. The lovers looked back to the interloper, and discovered her already gazing at them, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. She backed away a few steps and then turned and ran off, never once looking behind her. After they watched her leave and knew the threat was gone, Rina and Kat knew that their time had come to an end this evening. Slowly they parted, not wanting their time together to come to an end, but knowing that they had their own lives – their own human lives, to live during the day. They looked back at each other as they parted, knowing that this threat to their relationship was not gone, just delayed to the next full moon.


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