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Queer Wolf Mantra

Even a wrist thats strong & firm
And holds itself up high,
Can become limp when moon is out
And the owner becomes bi

-- Curse of the Queerwolf

The Were

While the vampire may have the spotlight in our culture today; the werewolf still holds a dangerous and primal fascination for many.

Wild, free and animalistic, the werewolf embodies the wild savagery inherent that society attempts to cover with the veneer of civilization. Who knows what holds the fascination? Is it the untamed, sexual savagery of the animal? The freedom to give in to your baser instincts and do what you want, not what you're told to do? The understanding that we all have a part in us that's not completely under our control? Or perhaps just a combination of those mixed with the love of the supernatural?

Many people are fascinated by weres, and queer folk are no exceptions. To the repressed members of society, we are the werewolves - giving in to the desires they would rather claim don't exist. We epitomize the baser, the wild, the mysterious and possibly the dangerous. Truely, we are very similar. Just as wolves are actually noble creatures that care for their own pack and react according to their natural desires, we are as misunderstood and as badly represented. The actions of a few 'rogues' are used to justify already held hatred, while the nobler actions of the many are discounted. It's enough to make you wonder whether werewolves are truly monstrous, or just villified by sad and empty lupo-phobes who cannot stand those that frolic in the moonlight.

In some ways, the gay community shows a fascination with weres that surpases the community at large. While American society is fascinated only by sleek well-built youths, the queer communities have branched out and recognize a number of different types. The bear and furry lovers have discovered the fascination with hair, with wildness and with a more animalistic traits.

Be it werewolves, weretigers, werebears, weresharks or werefoxes, hopefully these pages contain the information you've been looking for. This part of Queer Horror is still small, but it's growing.

Feeling like finding others with the same interests? Howl a message in the canyon. Want to know more about what's out there for lesbian or gay werewolves? See what movies and books are available to explore the subject, or see if your question is answered in our frequently asked questions area. Frustrated by the lack of queer were material? Write a story and send it to me to add to the site.

If you have an interest in the subject, please let us know of movies or books in the genre. Or be creative and send us a story or anything else that describes the queer were experience.

I encourage non wolf weres to contribute too. If you relate more to a werebear, wereshark, werecat, or even a werepeacock, lift up your voice and let us know. If you have ideas for ways that this site can be extended or improved, please, e-mail us.

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