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Is this section only about werewolves? What about other were creatures?

This part of QueerHorror.com is devoted to all types of weres, theriomorphs or any mental or physical shape-shifters of the queer variety. I tend to use the phrase werewolf a lot, mostly because people recognize it, and because the word 'were' looks more like a bad spelling of we're than it looks like the shape-shifting word.


What exactly is a were?

A were, or theriomorph, is a creature said to be able to take on two shapes: one human, one animal. Modern usage seems to have increased to include those who are able to mentally shift from that of an animal to that of a human. Theriomorphs can take on many forms, and have traditionally been associated with geographical regions. In this country, the werewolf, or lycanthrope, has been the most popular myth, but other regions of the world have included werebears, werecats, weresharks and werebears. In modern times, people themselves tend to 'choose' what animal they've become based on what they feel like and relate to.


How can a were be queer?

Well, to make a long story short, by being so.


Weres aren't queer, you don't understand weres.

I can't tell you how many sad people believe that because they are or want to be part of the werewolf community that they can speak for all others. Some, obviously heterosexual, folk have written to me saying 'wolves are straight, so weres are straight' or 'the blood fever gets you going and you can't think about being gay'. For those that want to argue these points, find another site. It doesn't say much about you that you need to seek out sites that you don't believe in and then try to prove you're alpha wolf.

There is plenty of animal research documenting homosexual behavior in many species, wolves included. And as for 'werewolves are aggressive, so they can't be gay', welcome to the modern ages, since you've obviously been in a bubble for 40 years now. Gays are just as assertive/aggressive as anyone else, that limp-wristed crap no longer holds!

If you can only remember one thing, remember that if a were is gay, then there are gay weres. If you're not gay, you're not a gay were, but that doesn't prevent them from existing.


What is the history of Queer Weres?

Good question. I'm still researching that. I will tell you that it is an extremely limited history, stretching only from the 1980s to the present.


Are werewolves real?

Belief in werewolves and other shape-shifting creatures is just that, a belief. Some believe that they can actually become an animal mentally or physically. I cannot speak for the mental part, but I have not seen any physical transformations myself, nor can I find enough proof in biology to show how one creature could share two shapes that it could change between. According to current biological and physiological research, it would be difficult to change shape so drastically and quickly and would use a lot of energy. But just because no current research points that way, it makes it less likely, but not impossible. Current theories in physics state that the transformation would require the creature to have the same weight in every state. Again, this makes it less likely that the transformation could occur, but not impossible.


Are you a shape-shifter?

I tend to avoid answering such questions. Confirming or denying this will not convince those who truly need to believe such things one way or another, and strikes me as a way to get a lot of people either snubbing me, or trying to stalk me (if nothing else, for a pelt on their wall). So, I'll just stick with being evasive and aloof.


You're no were, you can't possibly understand us. Why do you act like you are?

The above answer seem to cover this one too. Believe what you want, revel in your beliefs.


Are you queer?

Many have said so... Yes, I am gay. One of the few who score a perfect 6 on the Kinsey scale.


Are you part of the bear or fuzzy communities?

Only tangentially on both accounts. I have an interest in everything, so I attend many different types of events. Plus, I have friends in both communities. I myself could not be considered a bear.


How can I become a werewolf/shape-shifter?

There's a couple of theories behind this based in mythology. The most common belief nowadays is that you must be bitten by a werewolf without being killed by it. This transfers the curse to you and causes you to change during a full moon. Another popular way (at least in the Wolfman movie) is to be cursed by gypsies. However, historically there are many more interesting ways to be transformed. You could have a dream of the wolf spirit, wear an enchanted skin, possess a moonstone, sleep outside on a Friday night when the light of a full moon can shine on your face, or be the 7th of 7 consecutive daughters.


I can't believe you encourage this stuff. You're sick and just want to have sex with animals.

Technically this isn't a question. And really, I'm not all that concerned, nor interested in what you think. Obviously the subject holds interest to me and not to you. Isn't diversity exciting. By the way... an interest in werewolves does not mean an interest in bestiality!


You sound great. I'd love to meet you.

Thanks. Cool. Show up at horror/sci-fi conventions and other similar things. If I'm there, I'd love to talk to you. Otherwise, catch my interest by discovering a g/l/b/t movie or book that I don't have listed! I'll howl my praises to Gaia about you!!!

Otherwise, feel free to email me. I love fan mail, and hate hate mail. I try to answer all e-mail I get and generally try to answer any question I can. I do get about 20 e-mails a day, so I can't promise immediacy in response though.


But, I'm a were too, can't I meet you?

There's really no way for me to be able to tell who, or what, is contacting me, nor how dangerous they are. There are enough people out there who shift because of mental instabilities rather than lycanthropic tendencies, and meeting them may not be the most healthy thing I ever do. There are also a number of people out there who find queers, weres and queer weres evil and disgusting that I wouldn't feel terribly safe meeting either. And, frankly, there are probably some queer werewolves out there that I wouldn't want to meet either.


I've been looking for 'xyz' can I borrow it from you? Will you copy it for me?

No. But thanks for asking. I don't want to risk breaking a copyright law. If there is no copyright on something, it is possible that I'd be willing to trade. I also barter, buy and (possibly) sell.


I have a book/movie/tape/... that I think you'd be interested in. Where should I send it?

If you have something that I've been looking high and low for and haven't been able to find, wonderful! I'm extremely excited, and glad to take it off your hands. With that said, we have created a list of information we need about this item..Literally hundreds of different references have come from fans all over the world.

Once you let us know about a new book or movie that should be included, We'll add it to our 'to confirm' list. Many times people are mistaken about what they remember, or are trying to increase sales of a book or movie, and misrepresent its queer and horror/vampire/... content. The fastest way to get a book or movie confirmed is either to point us to a review of the book/movie included on a mainstream site, or to send us a copy of the item yourself. Contact us to get the address to send the reviewer's copy of the item. If you cannot send a reviewer's copy, read the next entry to learn alterate ways to get your item listed faster.


Where can I find the book/movie you reference?

This question is answered in the general Queer Horror FAQ.


Are you planning on expanding your site?

Yes. I'm looking into expanding a number of different ways. I have extended Queer Vampires to include Horror, Werewolves, Ghosts and Demons, and may include other specific subsections. But, I'm also looking into expanding into other queer horror topics and into non-queer vampire minorities. I'm also constantly trying to add more interactivity to the site, most of which will be available to members. If you have additional ideas, please let me know.


Is there anything I can offer for the site?

Boy, I'm hoping more people will ask this. Here are things that you can contribute (see my wish page for more specific information)


Any suggestions, questions or comments, please email: QVamp@QueerHorror.com