Queer Werewolves

My friend Larry
By Pat MacGregor

     Let me tell you about my friend Larry the werewolf.  I met him a few years ago at our one local gay bar. I didn't know of his lycanthropic tendencies then, he was just another one of the fellas. Not a looker, he'd never stand out in a crowd. He was sort of plain; stocky, not a troll mind you. Just ordinary. The first time I saw him, he was hanging around the pool table sort of looking like he'd like someone you'd play a game with.  

     I wandered over to him, introduced myself and asked if he wanted to shoot a rack. He said yes and that his name was Larry. As we played, we idly chatted about ourselves. I told him what I did for a living, that I was currently between lovers, and that I liked monster movies, jazz and Italian food. He didn't say that much about himself. I gathered that he worked in one of the local shops, lived in a small room nearby and generally led a quiet existence. I didn't think a lot about his reticence to talk about himself. After  all, most New Yorkers aren't as candid as I am.  

       We saw each other occasionally over the next couple of years, but I wouldn't call it dating. Went to a movie once or twice and once I took him to a bistro that a friend of mine worked as a chef in. I never did go home with him though, it was just social. I saw him once at a Gay Pride demonstration where he and a lot of others blocked the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. I forget exactly what they were protesting, but the fact that he felt enough commitment to be there stuck in my mind.  

       Like I said, Larry wasn't a 'looker'. He had pleasant enough featured in a generic euro-stock sort of way. Not my type (whatever that means), but not bad looking either. He just wasn't someone that I'd think of in a sexual connotation.

       One night late in October, when the Harvest moon was riding full in the sky, I found myself at our beloved local bar and there was Larry. I wasn't in a bad mood, but I was rather down. The boy that I had been seeing for the past couple of weeks had just taken off with everything that wasn't nailed down in my apartment. To top it off, I had also received a 12.5% rent increase a couple of days before. So when I wandered into the bar, serious drinking was the main thing on my mind.  

        Larry waved me over and put a beer in my hand. He read my face and asked me why I was so glum. I gave him the basic details without too much embroidery and ordered another beer, having chugged the first. After another four or five, Larry said that at this rate, "You'll be broke before you're as drunk as you seem to want to be." He invited me over to his place. I didn't want to be alone that night, but I felt like I should continue drinking and had never been to his place. I was curious and yes, faintly horny.  

       We finished our drinks and left. Tompkins Square park was just down the street and Larry suggested we cut through it to save a bit of time. I said, "Sure, why not?" It was a beautiful autumn evening and the moon lent enough light to make it easy to see. As we walked we talked about this and that. He apologized for saying so little about himself in the past. I got the vague impression that there was some specific item that he was referring to . Then he made a cryptic remark about us learning some interesting things about ourselves before the evening was out.  

       We had just reached a particularly deserted portion of the park. There weren't any drug dealers or even any homeless within sight. Larry ran a couple of steps ahead; turned to me and said, "What if I were to tell you that (his body started to blur and change), that I am a werewolf?" The sentence silently finished in my mind. My jaw dropped and continued dropping. For instead of my friend standing in the lamplight; there was a huge black, which stood there silently regarding me with amber eyes and large white teeth. He stood that way for a long moment; then his form again began to blur until Larry again stood there, smiling cryptically.  

        "You can see," he said "why I don't talk a lot about myself." I nodded dumbly. A thousand questions sprang to my lips and since I couldn't ask them all at once I stood there mutely gaping. "Well?" he asked "Are you coming home with me?" and started off through the park. I nodded dumbly and followed. My emotions were a complicated mix at that point though oddly enough, fear was not one of them. I guess I felt that since he hadn't torn my throat out when he first went wolf that I was probably pretty safe .  

        We came to his place after a short walk. A typical Lower East Side walk up with small rooms reached only by lots of steep stairs. Since it was the fifth floor that we were going to, we arrived in a state of near exhaustion. Sardonically, I wondered why is was that none of my friends could find digs below the fourth floor? We attained the landing gasping. Larry opened the door and snapped on some lights while chuckling " They really should install emergency oxygen stations at each floor." I nodded mutely, too involved with breathing for speech.  

        It was a studio. In this case meaning a room and a half. The half room being filled by a bed and a dresser and the room by everything else. There were a couple of cubical toilets out in the hall for the tenants of that floor. Each apartment had a tub which doubled as a counter when covered. Add a stove and fridge and you pretty much had the total furnishings. It was typical student digs, piles of clean and dirty laundry and stacks of books. Crowded into one corner were a desk and computer terminal.  

         I sat in a chair and looked at him. "You really did turn into a wolf back there?'" I started lamely. He looked at me and nodded. He said that the first time it happened was when he was a teenager. I asked him what it felt like . "Well physically," Larry began " The change sort of feels like your whole body was asleep and is now awakening. You know, pins and needles all over. At the same time, your auditory and visual spectrum change. The sense of smell improves too."

         "I get the strongest urge to be outdoors and running" he continued. "Not chasing anything in particular, but just for the sheer joy of wolfishness." I nodded as if I understood. "Larry," I asked with some trepidation "Have you ever killed while you were a wolf?" "Sure;" he grinned toothily,"Rabbits. It's especially fun picking 'em off on the run. They're like candy. But don't worry little boy," he added with a smirk "You won't be be eaten, unless you really want to be."  

       Well to tell you the truth, I did sort of want to be. I paused for a moment, nerving myself to ask the next question. "Larry; if sex is one of the things you want to do, would you take me as a wolf?" Now it was Larry's turn to gape. "And I thought you were just gay." He seemed stunned. I said "Yeah mostly, but I also have this thing for canids." He looked at me with some surprise and (hopefully) a little interest. I continued; "For as long as I can remember having sexual urges, dogs have fascinated me. Sure, I fooled around with some of the boys in my neighborhood; but if they were a seven on the excitement scale then doggies were at least a six. I would get so excited when a large dog would show the slightest sexual interest in me. If they weren't horny, I'd jerk them off to stimulate their lust.  I loved it when they'd get real excited and try to mount my leg. I let them knock me down and climb all over me frantically trying to find a place to fuck me. Eventually, I let one and found the experience enjoyable."  

        Larry gave me a long hard look and then spoke in a thoughtful, musing manner. "You know; I've never mated while "furred" and your offer intrigues me, but are you sure you want me as a wolf? I might hurt you."  I told him I wasn't afraid (not entirely true) and that I hoped he wouldn't take any offense, but men were all over the place whereas the rest of my life might pass before I got another chance to be done by a wolf. "Besides, you're a very sexy wolf." I said smiling.  

        A slow grin appeared on Larry's face as his body went through it's lupine transformation. Nothing dramatic like in the myriad werewolf movies that Hollywood has spawned. Just a flowing from one shape to another. One moment there was a seated man on the bed, then there was a wolf. Tongue lolling, eyes amber and mysterious. White teeth contrasting against black fur. A little bit of pink penis protruded from the dark furred sheath. The first drop of pre-cum starting to pearl at the tip.  

         I sat down on the floor beside him, cradled his massive head in my hands and lost myself in those incredible amber eyes. I stroked his fur feeling the interplay of sinew and muscle beneath the skin. He was so trim and sleek. The caress of his fur through my fingers sent a delicious thrill up my arm and straight to my libido. My fingers roamed his body with greater abandon. Larry licked my face as I grasped his heavy sheathed penis and slowly masturbated him. His cock started swelling and protruding from its furry cover almost instantly as Larry's hips involuntarily thrust forward. I bent down and took his dick in my mouth, while drinking in with all my means the wonderful manifestation of his lupine maleness. His fur; so delicious on my skin, his scent piquant and evocative in my nostrils, his throbbing cock in my mouth so warm and tasty, filled my sensorium as he leaped upwards, clasped my shoulders with his forepaws and started fucking my face.  

         His balls were slapping against my chin as he drove his cock down my throat. Suddenly he stiffened; jamming my face into his crotch as his cock pulsed rhythmically. I gulped and swallowed as spurts of his lupine seed poured from his jerking member, threatening to overwhelm me completely. Cum poured from his cock far faster than I could hope to swallow. That which I couldn't manage ran down my chin in a sticky stream to drip audibly on the floor. Finally, Larry quit hosing down my tonsils, dismounted and resumed human form. He looked at me kneeling there,  cum covered and totally disheveled. "Damn, that was fantastic.", he howled. I couldn't help but agree.

         We lay back in each others arms and smoked a joint. The taste of his semen lingered on my palate. "I hope you're not spent," I said "I want you in my ass too!" Larry smiled and took another toke. "Have no fears on that score Patty, I'm just getting started!"  

         The night proved to be just as long and eventful as Larry promised and by the next morning it was clear that I had a new roommate and lover. 

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