Queer Werewolves
by Kevin Ryan

I used to be normal, just an average young man living an ordinary, dull life. That is, until I went for late night stroll, and found a new world of lust, strength and the night.

The full moon was on display on a warm summers night. Always a troubled sleeper, I decided to take a walk around the local area. I came across a woodland area that I knew from my childhood days, and, feeling adventurous and very horny, plucked up the courage to strip and wank off in a suitably subdued spot. As I walked around to find the right place, I heard a strange sound. My ears were surely playing tricks – it sounded like a howl, followed by grunting and growling. This was England, and we’re not supposed to have anything like wolves, but it sounded so wild and eerie. Despite obviously being an animal, it had a human quality that raised goose bumps. I wrestled with the notion of running home, but something about the sound fascinated me. Curiosity having got the better of me, I ventured on tiptoe in the direction of the noises.

I reached the end of the tree line and saw a clearing. The moon was incredibly bright and nearly full, so I had no trouble seeing. The air had electricity, vibrating with energy. I felt the hair go up at the back of my neck. But that was nothing compared to what I saw. A tall, naked man aged maybe 40-50, with a massive chest and protuding nipples was standing upright in full view. His pecs were so big his nipples pointed down. The rest of him was muscular and perfectly proportioned with his considerable height. He had short greying hair, and a moustache. Once I had taken all this in, I dared to look further down. His penis was massive. It jutted out angrily, straining upwards in search of relief towards the moon. Even from a distance, I could see it pulse, and the veins protruded out. His balls were huge and hung down between his muscular thighs. He was like a wild animal, displaying his superiority.

I was incredibly turned on from this display, but also freaked out as to why he was out there. I felt my erection growing, and was desperate to relieve myself, but before I had the chance to do anything, he lifted his head up released a powerful howl. He sniffed the air, and glared towards me. His eyes were glowing yellow, and I saw his teeth reflect the moonlight. But they weren’t ordinary teeth - They were fangs.

I was by now terrified and considered making a run for it, when he crouched down on his powerful thighs and pounced at least 15 metres towards me. He surely wasn’t human and I had no time to react. He landed in front of me, growled and licked his lips. Grabbing hold of me with his huge hands and supernatural strength, he clamped his jaw on my neck and sunk his fangs into me. Utterly helpless, I simply gave in and waited for death. Instead, weird images and sensations flooded my head: fucking, the smell of sex and sweat, of wolves howling. My dick got even harder, as he unleashed it from my jeans and jerked me off. I quickly shot a huge load over his thighs. I collapsed to my knees, as the man who had attacked me shoved his huge cock in my mouth. Fucking my throat with a ferocity I had never experienced, I could barely cope with its size. He soon erupted in my mouth, forcing me to swallow most of it; the rest spilled down the sides of my mouth. He shuddered with orgasmic joy, as I could see the sweat glisten on his massive chest. He howled once more, and strode off into the night. Confused, drained, and excited, I staggered home. Collapsing into bed fully clothed, I had forgotten that he had bit me on the neck. There was no pain, and I was too disorientated to really care.

Waking up the next morning, I was still freaked out by what I saw and experienced, but as I did not appear to suffer any ill effects, I tried to put it behind me, though I did enjoy a satisfying wank remembering his stunning body. Would I go out and look for him again?

It turns out I did not have much of a choice. Feeling restless and snappy all day, which only increased as evening drew closer. I found myself pacing my house, unable to shake a feeling of being drawn somewhere. I tried drinking myself to submission, but that just got me more annoyed and aggressive. Eventually I gave up and went to bed. I actually managed to sleep, but my dreams took me back to those disjointed images I had experienced last night. I saw the man from the woods, surrounded by a circle of naked, muscular men in wolf-masks, chanting something unrecognisable. The man was tied up, and crouching over a stone with a design at its centre. He seemed less muscular than when I saw him, and his cock was normal size. He was covered in some weird design, which I couldn’t make out, but I got the impression that it was blood. He let out a scream which made me wake with a start, covered in sweat, panting, with my heart beating incredibly fast. My cock was rock-hard and I knew I had to do something. The clock said it was only 11.30. I fell out of bed, grabbed some clothes and made my way out. I didn’t really know where I was going, but I found myself taking the same route as last night. I was still panting and sweating, and I must have looked seriously disturbed to anyone that saw me. I didn’t care; something was making me go back to the woods.

Once I arrived, I made my way to the clearing where that damn man had been. Sure enough he was there again, that magnificent display of muscle and cock, and those weird animal sounds coming from him. Only, he wasn’t alone. The men from my dreams surrounded him. They were all hulks of muscle and displaying massive erections, but they looked very sinister. Something clicked in my head, and I found myself approaching the circle. A gap formed to let me through. Again, my cock was straining to be released, and my body felt like it was on fire. Two of the men came up to me and ripped my clothes off. My cock was nowhere near as big as theirs, but I didn’t care, it felt so good to be naked, the moon shining on me. One of them took me in his mouth and sucked ferociously. My brain boiled with lust, as another went behind me and licked my arsehole. It would not be long before I shot cum everywhere, but before I could, two of them pinned my arms together, and lifted me onto the stone from my dream. All the while my cock was straining angrily, almost as if had a life of its own. They covered my torso and back with the design I recognised from my dream. Another one of the men passed me a wooden cup. Containing what smelt like blood and spunk. One side of my brain was telling me to get the hell out of here, but something more primal, and instinctual pushed me into drinking from the cup. My throat felt like it was on fire, as the chanting grew heavier and more fevered. I dropped on all fours, as I felt my body undergoing a transformation. My cock strained up to my belly, and seemed to grow in length and girth. It was rock hard, and angry. The head, which was glistening with pre-cum, was massive and purple. The shaft red, and bulging with veins. My balls doubled in size and filled with cum, waiting to explode.

The rest of my body was also transforming: I felt my skin stretch as my muscles grew and bulged like my cock. I felt the fat sweat out of me, replaced with taut, firm muscles. My arse became the perfect bubble butt, and my tits developed a deep cleft. My stomach reformed with a sharp six-pack, as my thighs and calfs swelled. My biceps strained with power. I had never felt so alive, and raw. I was full of strength and aggression. I needed to fight, to wrestle, and rut with any of them – all of them. I knew what I was meant for. But the men were not finished with me. I glanced up at my initiator, who grinned a lustful and hungry smile. His yellow eyes shone in the darkness. I would be his. I looked down to his cock, it was bigger than mine, and I realised that I wanted him to fuck me. I had never been fucked before, and I knew that humongous cock would tear me apart, and I couldn’t wait. He growled at me, as if he knew what I was thinking.

Crouched down and tied up, my newfound muscles bulging with power, and my monstrous cock dripping precum, I was nearly over the edge. Any rational, human thought had ceased in my brain. The circle of men began masturbating their equally large cocks as they continued their chanting. I sensed that the ritual may be drawing to a close, as my mentor came up to me. We snapped and growled at each other, as I strained against my bonds with ever increasing fury. He played with my nipples, twisting and slapping them. One by one, the circle climaxed and began to cum, huge arcs splashing all over us. I was doused in it. Another cup was shoved in front of my face, and I eagerly drank it dry. I felt my cock grow another inch, and my muscles expand even more. I had reached my breaking point. In a howl of anger and lust, I ripped by bonds apart, and leapt for my man. We tore into each other, rolling around on the grass, punching, biting – the sound of hard flesh slapping, the smell of blood, cum and sweat overpowering me. I had to fuck him, to be fucked now, or I should surely explode.

He wrestled me into submission, climbing on to my back. He spat on his giant cock, and began to finger me roughly, teasing my asshole. I writhed about in lust, but he managed to find my enlarged prostate. He pressed on it which sent unbelievable sensations through my body. My cock jumped and gulped, getting even bigger. In my near-animal state, I growled at him to fuck me. He needed no more invitation. He lubed my cock with some of the globules of spunk around us and rammed his cock up to my arsehole. There was little resistance, as I seemed to have greater control over my body. I willed my arsehole to expand, and we both howled in ecstasy. The world seemed to disappear from my consciousness. We were making unholy noises, but I did not care. my insides were being pushed apart by this monstrosity. I didn’t care. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced in my life.

It did not take long for both of us to reach what was going to be an almighty climax. I felt his cock enlarge, as he urgently pumped into me. Suddenly, he exploded and shot his cum deep into me, letting out a massive roar. This tipped me over the edge, as my cock, which looked about to burst, shot out cum again and again. It felt like several orgasms at one. We fell apart, as both of us began to convulse. I could feel the final stage of my new life begin.

My skin rippled, as hair began to push out of the folicles. My mouth stretched outwards into a muzzle, as tooth became fang. My hands changed shape, to be more paw-like, with long, hard claws. My body became even more muscular, even muscles I did not know I had pushed out of me. My cock became hard again, with the sheer ecstasy of my new form. The change was over in a matter of minutes, and I was dimly aware of my new wolf-lover transforming. He truly was a magnificent animal. I could not wait to mount him this time. We leapt at each other as the change was completed, as I shoved my cock into his eager arse. Biting at his back, we holwed in unison. I had found my soul-mate, my alpha male.

That was two years ago. My old life dissappeared from my consciousness. Although we only became wolf during the full moon, my body was forever changed after that night. I soon learnt that it was our job to recruit fresh meat into our wolf-pack – a task I was more than ready to take up.

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