Queer Werewolves
The Property of the Pack
by Lord Dracul

I am Henrich Astor; my family is as old as the Carpathians that has housed them through all these centuries. I am twenty years old long blonde hair blue eyes one hundred eighty - five pounds. My father from a very early age has taught to me self-sufficient and to hunt in these dark woods what I need for my survival. My reputation in the village is renown and they simply refer to me as the huntsman. I tell you all of this to say this, my family being a wealthy nobles live in a manor house in the Carpathians and have always maintained a deep friendship with the town below. For it is from them that we prosper and from us they receive their protection. My father, of course, the Baron Astor was a consummate hunter and had been hunting a creature so vile that it now turns my stomach to even think about him. His name is Blood Fang.

The people of the village have seen him and his pack of werewolves throughout this mountainside and in the village. They had taken many youths and maidens to join their pack. For once a werewolf bites you you become one yourself. It is this occasion that has brought my father and myself out into this dark wilderness to hunt this beast and his followers. They have ravaged our small hamlet long enough and it is time to drive them off the face of the earth or so my father has said. I simply longed to be back in the manor safe and warm with a volume of poetry and a glass of red wine near the fire. However, I am bound by oath to the village that I shall hunt this creature and his minions until they are lying at my feet in a bloody heap. We had been hunting most of the day and now most of the night for the creature and my father and I have decided to stop for the night and stay in a small inn in the village below. It is a modest place and stank of the various spirits that were sold on tap. Upon entering I found the room with various older gentlemen scattered throughout the room in various states of drunken stupor and as my father walked in to the room it became immediately quiet. For all of the village had utmost respect for their huntsmen and considering that he was the richest landowner in the Carpathians the respect seemed to be at an awestruck fever. I simply made my way into the room and walked up to the barkeep and sat down on an old stool. "My father and I will require rooms for the night please get them ready."

"Yes sir, the best that we have." Said the old bar keep and then to his son that had been standing in the kitchen looking over the new guest, "Jon make the rooms ready for the Baron and the young master." My eyes trailed over the young man, and he felt my eyes looking him over from head to toe. The work of the inn and stables had been very good to him. He appeared to be no older than eighteen and his body had already taken on the markings of a man. Also I could not help but notice the rather large bulge in the boy's pants as he passed me. Yes, maybe when father sleeps tonight Jon would be mine. The thought thrilled me and I knew that it would him later. For his eyes never left mine until he vanished up the wooden steps to prepare the rooms. Soon Jon returned, "Your rooms are ready Baron if you would follow me." Follow him yes, I would follow him to the ends of the earth at least to the ends of these very ancient mountains. Seeing a large window I noticed that the moon had just came up and that it was a full moon. Tonight we will find Blood Fang or at least I have a feeling that he will find us here in either case I shall be ready for him. I sent Jon down for my things and knowing that he would have to come back into my room with my sword I sat down on the bed and waited for him patiently. Soon I heard a knock on my door and getting up I opened the door to find Jon smiling in at me holding my sword and small book of poetry. I had only sent him for the sword.

"Enter, why did you bring the book of verse, I only asked for my sword?"

"Forgive me my lord, I simply remembered all that I had heard about you and knew that you would also be wanting your book of verse and I also have brought you the wine that you like."

I had not noticed the wine flask. The boy was bright after all, but I knew this when I first saw him down stairs. Intelligence radiated from his face and his beautiful eyes. What beautiful eyes they are too. I wondered if he had many girls that had feel in love with those eyes and longed to hold his young lithe body. Then seeing him standing before me with his head bowed, "Yes Jon thank you that was very thoughtful. I could use some one such as yourself to take care of me for I find myself forgetting things all the time and with you I would always have what I desired near my fingertips when needed." The young man blushed. "Come in and warm yourself by the fire." Jon walked into the room and stood by the hearth warming his self. "I can not stay long my lord, my father will miss me and will be extremely angry with me."

"Yes, but surely he will understand when you tell him that you were with me."

"Yes, my lord, I believe that he would understand."

"Then come and sit beside me on the bed for you must be tired running up and down the stairs all day. If it pleases you tell me about yourself."

"Only if it pleases you, my lord?"

"It does, Jon."

We spent the early hours of the night acquainting ourselves with each other. He had told me how his father had acquired the inn and how eventually it would be passed to him but that he wanted to see the world beyond those dark mountains. Soon things progressed farther and he crawled in the bed with me and oh what lustful fun that was. I was right he was excellent in bed. However, it did not last as long as I wanted. His father called him down to fill the wine flasks from the winery below the inn. He didn't want to leave nor did I want him to go. Before going though he promised to return. I counted the very seconds until he would return. I had made up my mind that he would join us on our adventures and I knew that I could persuade father to allow it. As the night progressed I decided to read my verse and settled in the bed for sleep to visit me. Even though my hunting mind told me that it was too quiet, I on the other hand was glad and only wanted Jon to return. Soon I heard the commotion coming from downstairs, the door had been busted in and I could hear people screaming and then I heard the very thing that sent chills down my spine. I heard Jon begging for his life as a blood curdling howl came riveting up to our rooms. I heard the door to my father's room open and as he raced passed mine he yelled, "Henrich hurry it is the pack!" I grabbed my sword and fire blazed in my eyes tonight I knew that Blood Fang would die not for the murders of the others but for the murder of Jon. I raced down the steps into the fray waving my sword with a rage. There at the bottom of the steps I saw my father laying in a pile of blood next to Jon and as I lashed out at the darkness I felt a heavy paw come down on the back of my head and all was black. Time passed. Dazed. Confused. Chained to a cold musty wall. The pungent odor fills my nostrils causing my eyes to water. He had brought me to this inn to this god forsaken place to die. He bound me and blind folded me and then carried to me to his stronghold in the very woods that gave birth to me. There was something about my captor that both frightened and thrilled me. My mind was racing as it is now, I knew instinctively that he was male for his power and scent was extremely strong. I found my heart racing as I thought of him. In the struggle I had heard one call out his name, Blood Fang. This realization of who had captured me caused fear to rise in my throat. No, I could not be the prisoner of this demon from hell; he had killed my father and Jon. Oh, how I feared him and hated him.

I hear his breathing as he approaches me and can smell the forest on and in his fur. I wonder how old he is and what those animation eyes has beheld during his long life one that I had vowed and reasoned had been entirely too long. He moves closer to me there is nothing that I can do to stop him. I feel his tongue caressing my face and then moving down to my neck. The sensuous touch of his tongue is driving me mad with desire. Slowly, I feel my legs being lifted and his tongue lowering itself to my balls and then heaven as it snakes into my ass hole. Desire replaces lust as he continues his exploration of my ass. I am a man and would give myself over to beasts but know I find I have no choice. Killing has been driven from my mind as I felt his fur press up against my naked flesh. For I had forgotten to put clothes on when I ran down the stairs. Then I froze when I heard a deep growl escape his throat. "I will take you now huntsman, make no mistake tonight you shall be my bitch and then when I tire of your ass, you shall then become my meal. Know that Blood Fang is your master." I felt indescribable pain as my new master's cock opens my ass. I rode a wave of passion and lust as my master made me his whore. I found myself trying to meet his every thrust. I had surrounded my humanity to a wolf. When he was finished with me I knew I would find out why they called him Blood Fang. I knew he was approaching climax for the pace of his fucking sped up and with a blood-curdling howl his seed exploded into my ass. As I waited for death I felt his paw raise to my face and then the blind fold was torn free.

As my eyes adjusted to the absence of light I saw that I was chained to the walls of a large cave. Then they focused on my master Blood Fang. He stood just over seven feet tall and was covered in jet-black fur and his eyes pierced the darkness with a dark fire, as he looked at me his new toy. Then I saw them standing behind their master, I felt my balls draw up to my stomach as I saw the pack. Werewolves of all shapes and sizes, a virtual sea of animalistic humanity. Then I heard his voice again, "You have a choice whore, to continue to serve me as my slave or die. Know this now, if you choose to live as my slave and whore you must also serve the pack. If any member of the pack should want you when you are not serving me you must give yourself to them as you have done me. Is this understood?" Then all was silent as a tomb.

"What say you?"

I had no choice I had surrendered to him and all the fight had left me. I felt as if I had betrayed my father's memory and Jon's but I knew that I had to have him again.

"I am your whore Blood Fang, property of the pack, use me as you will."

A great howl arose from Blood Fang and from the pack and my mind went back to an old quote that I had read in one of my books, "Ah, the children of the night, what sweet music they make." I looked forward to my servitude to Blood Fang and as mere property of the pack.

The End

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