Queer Werewolves
A Tale of Pain
by SwampRat (1999)

How long had he been bound, he couldn't remember. There must have been a day when he was free to walk, to move freely... to not be in pain. Surrounded by wooden spikes while above him a candle burned, dripping wax onto his fur, burning wherever it touched. Bent into a crouch, with a stake shoved up his ass, and another in his mouth, he quivered between Hells. Sleep, what there was of it, was in snatches. Between the pain of his abused muscles, and the itches that stopped once a day - when water was dumped on him. He wasn't alone in his 'cell'. Furred creatures scampered across his body, around his feet. He wasn't sure what they ate, and he didn't want to think about it.

His mouth would water at the very idea of meat, any kind of meat. Spikes scratches his thin frame forcing him to shift again, sighing quietly as he did so. Why didn't they just kill him? He was of no use to anyone. He screamed as a rat bit into his penis, his own teeth biting into the wooden phallus forced into his mouth. He tried to shake it off, tried to move an arm, but to no avail. What the Hell was it thinking? Had hunger driven it insane as it had him? The pain was getting worse by the moment, when suddenly an idea came.

His body struggled against the thought for a moment, then thrust forward, impaling the rodent. 'Bastard! Teach you to bite me..' But now he was in a quandry. The rodent's teeth were locked on him so he couldn't pull back, but spikes were pushing into his legs even more plainfully. Then a cramp made him scream again and jerk back roughly, the thick spike behind him shoved back up his ass deeply. It helped take his mind from the burning sensation at his groin.

The candle above him flickered as it was moved, water splashing on him, cold and smelling of salt. Then the seawater hit his wounds and he screamed again He was close to passing out, but he couldn't afford such luxuries. First the leather covered wooden dildo was pulled from his muzzle. He moved his jaws, licking his dry lips, and closing his eyes against the sudden stab of light as the room was lit up. A semi-hard dick slithered in the opening and he kissed it, nuzzled it, gently slid his tongue around it and slid it past his lips to suck on the head. It was food, protein and he would gladly have lavished his attention on it to completion, but the guard had other ideas.

The cock was pulled away and the daily ration of gruel was fed to him, followed by drinking water. Then the spike was shoved back in place in his mouth as he felt movement between his legs. The rat bastard who bit him was being ripped apart by other hungry mouths. Sometimes they jostled his ankles but either the salt-water which had killed the fleas, or the knowledge he would be theirs soon enough, kept them from doing more. He sighed, trying to ease his suffering in any way that he could. Then came noises... yells and screams. What was going on now? Was it at last time for him to die? He welcomed the release with fervor.

Tyran slammed his mace into the lock, breaking the cage open wide. It took a moment more to fling the wooden penis away and gently help the body off its post, stuck for so long up under the half-bare tail. The creature he saved fell over, whining, trying to throw an arm over its eyes. The wolf Tyren looked down with pity at the straggly, flea and rat-bitten, and obivously starved creature who cowered at his feet. Almost taking his sword up to kill it... but he found that he couldn't. The once proud Baron was now a shell of flesh that might last a few more years at best. The rescue effort was turning sour as others were found in like or worse condition.

"Burn it" he told his captain disgustedly, walking away from the room and its stench. "Burn it all."

The captain nodded, and herded the refugees out gently, and then set fire to the place with his own paw, wishing there were more of the rebels to kill..

Tyran shook his head as he walked out of the vanquished fortress, already improving on the design of the device in his head.. For didn't he have enemies himself?

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