Queer Werewolves

  The pollution, crime and congestion lay far behind him now, as he swung the four wheel drive onto the dirt road leading up the mountain. A layer of haze hung like a ghostly blanket over the valley, a distant reminder of another world back there, one he wished never to return to. For up ahead, was a world full of wonder, and serenity, of sheer primal pleasure, a return to the wild, he so longed for.
  That lure, those wild notions, gnawing at Matthew's insides, needed fulfillment, rejection of society was not enough anymore, something innate was surfacing, tearing him inside out, he truly believed that it was time to leave the city life completely and become a part of nature again. There was no denying the compulsion that would eventually destroy his sanity, it had already wrecked his ability to cope with everyday life. Women had been the prime source of his problems, the demands, their own liberation had signaled some crazy alienation. He'd thought about his role as a man, somewhat humiliating and sacrificing, he could no longer feel comfortable, nor expect anything to change, it was the end of the line, even if sex was to be the ultimate sacrifice.
  "God it looks wonderful, just as before," he thought, the familiar surroundings seem to welcome him home, the mere fact that he was alone, was a blessing in itself. That night, Matthew sat before the campfire, thinking, "how wonderful it would be, to shed all the trappings of the world, become one with nature again, to run free, that very minute." Those were the thoughts that constantly plagued his mind, frustrating him, forcing the decision.
  "What was that?" he turned quickly, those sounds in the thicket just beyond his camp, like whispers, strange unintelligible whispers. No animal he knew made those sounds. He perked his ears, strained to hear it again. "He detects our presence, he's more alert than we thought, he has the instincts, they are growing, he will soon learn to use them wisely," growled the leader, a great black wolf, urging the others to be still. They watched Matthew through their great yellow eyes, like ancient moons, alive fully of history and wisdom, perceiving his every move, waiting, waiting!
  "He is of the golden ones, not the dark side, will he be safe to take? he may resist," spoke the second wolf, a dark gray, with silver highlights. He spoke with wisdom to the leader, observing the young man, reading him instinctively, his intuition inherited, over thousands of years of evolution. This secret pack, elusive, intelligent, had evaded all man, except their kind. Occasionally taking from the mixed packs of males and females, a young male, before he matured, his blood would then be mixed with theirs, he could not go back to his own pack, they would kill him on contact, sensing his changes, no male ever taken could return to society or the pack.
  "There is not time to delay, he must be taken, there are no others that would please me, this one I have chosen," said the leader, his great yellow eyes reflecting some distant thought, perhaps a pleasing memory, this new chosen one had enlightened. Matthew ears picked up the sounds of the animals, he thought; was that heartbeats, blood pulsing, or flashes of what he might have perceived so? It was uncanny, his senses were intensifying, could it be the mountain air? He didn't know, could only guess that all his primal senses were quickly returning,now that he had left the stress and all that behind him.
  Little did he know what was stirring inside him, something had been jarred free, something genetic, like a seeds, set adrift, had found fertile soil, took root, a germination, of something that cried inside, and must be set free. Matthew would be denied his rightful choice however, he would not chose what he would become, or how, it was being chosen for him, his strong will, and ability to adapt, might be the terrible danger that lay in store for him as the night descended.
  "Damn bitch, calling me a queer!" he thought, just because he wouldn't perform for her, all she wanted was men to gabble after her, they all did, he was tired of it, but what was left? he couldn't possibly know, just an old, old experience would ignite that faint joy, perhaps rekindle it, save him from a sure death that lay waiting should he fail to pass the test. Matthew's reflexes were no match for the pack, they came upon him, so suddenly, he only had time to turn, a flash, then he was knocked to the ground, a bristling, fury creature, snarling in his face, shook him with fear so terrible, he froze, unable to move.
  Two wolves a gray and a brown, stood guard, snarling, their teeth bared, posturing, holding him at bay, a dire warning not to move. Then the leader trotted into the camp, stood majestically before the fire, the flames danced in his eyes, setting them aflame. He gazed at Matthew, lying there, then issued a warning to the others to move away. He lunged, coming down on all four paws, holding Matthew spread eagle. It was paralyzing, stunned, he held his breath, thinking the wolf would tear out his throat. Suddenly it growled, then seized his hand, biting, breaking the skin, so that blood and saliva mingled. The pain was sharp, excruciating, yet the teeth did not penetrate far. He held the hand, like a piece of meat, then suddenly drop it, watching Matthew's reaction.
  "Holy damn, oh my god! He screeched out loud, the pain had caused him to cry out. The Wolf looked on, curiously, licked at the bite, Matt pulled his hand away, still hugging the earth. Then the wolves backed off, to a safe distance, turning their heads, gazing at the dark mountain top, as if something had alerted them. Sure enough it had, silver yellow light was emerging there, the rim of the moon, not quite full, was breaking over the ridge, like midnight fire, its luminosity flooding the velvet dark.
  Matthew lay there, still stunned, watching the wolves. The instant their howls flew from their mouths, he felt the surge through his body, like a bolt of electricity, liquid fire, racing to every nerve ending, setting his body aflame. He tore himself from the earth, ripped at the clothing that hung on his human form, began to shred it, until it lay frayed on the ground. For a moment, he stood perfectly still, his body, illuminated, so perfect in every dimension, every part. The great wolf, the others watched the leader, take pride in his selection, affectionately following, touching his body with every glance.
  "He is indeed perfect, like the one so very long ago, he is in his image," the great wolf's eyes became moist, the longing, the desire had returned, it was as if a resurrection had brought his mate back to life, he waited, and watched! The human sounds gave way to the sounds of wolves, mingling blending, the transformation was complete now, the golden wolf, stood there in the light of the moon, waiting to join them. The leader trotted, then began to run, knowing that Matthew had to follow, he had no choice.
  Hours had passed. Through woods and scented trails they ran, higher and higher, up the mountain where no man would ever dare go, the myths, the legends had kept them away, nothing would bring them up here. They came into an open, a small pasture, a pond gave them refreshment, they drank fully, then came the golden one, somewhat behind, panting, cautiously heeding the others, they acknowledged his presence, calling out to him, greeting him.
  The moon hung lightly overhead now, beams of light penetrating the wooded area, casting strange shadows, Matthew caught sight of that shadow, his temporary form, that he must now share with his human form. He gazed at it through his big yellow eyes, and wondered, what was to be his fate, his role in this pack. His body pulsed with strength, like liquid energy, his heart beat with a vigor, that of a young wolf would know. He gazed from the new eyes, at the other forms, the other two males, affectionately pawing one another. Only the leader stood apart, he was communicating, yet it was strange, Matthew had not yet felt his full commands, his order in the pack, but he would, soon!
  The leader snarled, the others stood aside, he moved toward Matthew, the novice, unsure, stood his ground. The leader made his move, flew into him a fury, taking his neck by the scruff. He struggled to free himself, but the leader was strong and forceful. He dragged Matthew, thrashing about, into a cave, he fought to free himself but it was futile. He could feel the strong jaws, secured about his neck, pulling him into the cave. He knew not what the reason was, he had no reasoning yet, no identity, his resistance was gallant but useless. Like a puppy, the leader flung him onto a bed of dried leaves and branches, he could smell his scent, this was his den, his lair, something was making sense, only the females shared a male wolf's den. He backed into a corner, bristling, snarling at the leader's advances now. The great wolf snarled, postured, bared his pure white teeth, made sudden lunges, animal posturing, commands to obey him.
  But Matthew refused. The big wolf flew into him, seized his neck, straddled him, pinned him to the bed, held him with inhuman force, he could not break free from this great wolf's strength. He felt the blunt intrusion, forcing into him, he cried, howled, at the pain, again and again it stabbed at him, penetrating him, he yelped, but there was no relenting, his neck was paralyzed, his torso numbed, he yelped, adding to the leaders strength, as his own was drained away.
  "You hear his howls, he submits. Lothar takes him now," said John," listening to the familiar cries of the mating ceremony, remembering his own, when his mate by his side took him, and he resisted, but finally yielded. "How you mauled me, Bart, I defied you to the very death, my life now seems so natural, before, the women, who ruled me, I had no freedom," he spoke softly, his ears perking to the cries of mating and pain.
  "Yes, you did resist, but I had chosen you, watched for many nights, fearful you would never return to the camp, but you did return, not fully knowing your new fate, had you, you would have given for freely," said Bart. His lifelong affection burned for John, and would until they died. Inside the cave, the sounds were abating, subsiding, midnight had passed, two human forms lay exhausted, heaped over the smaller form, a muscular dark man, sprawled, the lighter man, arms hugged close, firmly clinching him, under his strong body. They squirmed, and writhed, then finally lay quiet, fully sleeping now from the long and tiring night. It was the light that caused Matthew's eyes to flutter open, dull, yet just enough to warn that outside it was no longer night, the sun had risen, a new day was at hand. His mind was still groggy, he felt the strength, the male body, still holding him firmly. He struggled to recall the night, but only vague bits and pieces of confused light and dark, like shadows, fused and misty, prowled in his mind.
  "Dammit! how did he get there, in this cave, and with a man, fully naked? had some sexual act taken place, had he been drugged then raped? He moved slightly, he felt the slight pain, knowing that indeed something had raped him. He stared at the arms, strong arms, entwined around his waist, his buttocks locked into the man's groin. His face, the dark hair, the lips, full and fleshy, muscular chest, the man he did not know, nor had ever seen him before. "How did he come to be here with him, like man and woman?" He thought so painfully, that he had sex with this man, it seemed revolting, yet somehow curious, his body did not seem foreign, he was fighting something learned from society, the faint glimmer of this had happened before, he felt it, now that he was there, in all reality. The man's eyes fluttered open at his movements, Matthew stared into deep, dark blue eyes, like oceans, churning, drawing him in, there was kindness there, and compassion. "How did I get here, and who are you?" he questioned, at the man's awareness, he waited to hear some tale of drunkenness, a bar perhaps. "You were chosen Matthew, I brought you hear, you belong to me now, you are mated to me," said Lothar, affectionately stroking him, his long tapered fingers, tracing his curves, touching, playing around his nipples.
  "Come on now, that is bull, yours!....no way man...I don't belong to anyone," said Matthew, his eyes widened, thinking he'd fallen victim to some cult, drugs or whatever. "It's true Matthew, you are one of us now, whether chosen or not, it was your destiny to come here," said Lothar, kissing his breast softly, caressing his hands. Matthew began to shake, his body quivered, the feeling of being a prisoner, his full right had not yet been established.
  "You must be patient, your body runs like the tides of the ocean, you will know the ways in time, but you cannot go back, never...never! "Can't go back, you mean to the city, I don't want to anyway, but I'm not going to be your prisoner, not ever," he said, his anger flaring at this prospect of being held. "I won't hold you, it will happen naturally, you'll come to me of your own, but now I must teach you, of your place. He tightened his arms around Matthew's lean waist, he began to pull back, he tightened, his strength far outweighed Matthew's.
  "No, Please don't do that, please, please.....!!!Lothar had grown, his own animal prowess had burst between his legs, it throbbed, he pulled Matthew back upon his own stomach, wrapped his strong legs, held him like vice, forcing the large penis into his ass, he squealed, yelled, and fought the the pain. "Oh my god, stop it please, please stop!...he begged but Lothar did not hear him, only the primal rhythms inside him, he could not himself admit to yet. He pushed into him, Matthew thrashed about, only causing the penis to move deeper inside him now. Then Lothar flipped him over, spread-eagled his body, rammed into him with a fit of passion, taking him, pulling his body, until he dripped with perspiration, panting, grunting, taking the hot shaft, as it soothed his gut, opened some long locked gate, he screamed in passion....owwwehhhhhhh! fuck me!...fuck me...screw me deep...deeper! he cried, begged now, pushed back at the shaft, taking it deeply, loving, joyfully rearing at Lothar's passion.
  They came out together, naked, in the sun, bathing their united bodies, dark and light, light and dark, blended in celestial harmony, Lothar and Matthew were one now, his life had come full circle, to a destiny that was to be certain as the rising and falling of the sun, the change of seasons.
  The car veered off the highway, and careened up the dirt road, Thomas fought to keep it from banging to pieces against the terrible potholes. But he was determined, exceptionally certain that he must find that certain spot again, something drew him there. Whether or not he was just rejecting progress, or society that was sinking into oblivion, the urge was crying out inside him to return to the wild!
  The pack had grown in the year that Matthew had come, considerably, life in the cities had deteriorated to near anarchy, it seemed the collapse of society was at hand, the end of the road for civilization, and perhaps this ancient but new race of men would survive, for many more years into the future.
  THE END ......
  ..... but our beastly friends will be back in WOLVES2!

W O L V E S 2

  A man sat by the fire, the glow reflected on the lenses that rode a craggy face. He held onto a cup of coffee, and waited. A great black wolf stood a few feet outside the circle of light. His mate, like a statue of spun gold, was beside him. Others, 20 or so restlessly ambled quietly behind them. Yes, here so many nights ago, he was initiated into the pack. Matt watched the man move with interest. Lothar was right. He would make a good mate for the new member. They would have to hurry... This was the last full moon for a month, and it wouldn't be long before the pale orb cleared the trees. A tan animal made his way to the front. "He is the one." Fred's eyes shone, lit by inner fires.
  Their object of scrutiny emptied his cup, and moved towards a felled tree, near the end of the clearing that was scraped in the earth. Even though he wore glasses, and his hair was cut short, one could see the animal inside. He belonged to the woods, and soon the wild would claim one of its own... Two large gray shadows moved forward, waiting for the signal. This was a timeworn custom. Two of the largest held the chosen one on the ground until his mate-to-be came over and took control. The leader gave a low growl, and both animals jumped out, eating the ground between themselves and the human, in a few leaps. But instead of the man landing in a tangled heap on the ground, it was the wolves!
  A right hand, hard as granite, slammed into John's throat, both holding him at arm's length, and throttling the air out of him. His mate didn't fare any better. A forearm smashed into Bart's muzzle, clicking his teeth together, and shoving his head down; which then met a hard knee. The left hand grabbed his neck, and propelled him off to one side. John pawed the air, desperately trying to breathe. Steel fingers dug into his neck for a moment, then John was turned and slammed into a ribcage so tough it bruised his backbone. "Nice try." The voice chilled him to the marrow, while a pair of warm lips pressed between his ears. John suddenly felt himself able to breathe... Wham! Like a furred cannonball, he crashed into his lover, knocking the wind out of both of them. Lothar, already halfway across the clearing, turned, and commanded the others to halt. This was no wolf to be welcomed as a brother, this was a bear, a very dangerous adversary... as the two who were still panting off to one side found out.
  "No one handles me like a female..." Bart snarled low, and readied himself for another leap. "Wait!" Lothar turned as the tan one moved forward. "I have waited two years for him to return. He will be mine..." Fred moved closer to the man, the light from the fire showing the muscles hidden under the fur. Lothar growled, "This is between Fred and the human. No one interferes... That includes you Bart." The gray wolf snarled, but stayed back, attending to his mate. Fred watched his mate-to-be, Love/lust pumped his heart just a little faster. The wolf shut out everything from his mind, willing himself to be calm. "24 moons ago, I saw you, and knew you were mine... I am the male, you are my mate. I will be your lover for eternity, You will be mine..." He sent these thoughts at the one who made his blood run hot. He snarled them as he moved closer to the standing form.
  A sliver of moonlight blanketed the animal with a pale aura. He roared and leaped, sinking his fangs deep into the upthrust arm, sending the man crashing to the ground. Fred growled, and shook his head, grinding his teeth deeper. Then he let go, and moved back, waiting. As one, the children of the night, gave voice to the feelings that ran through them. Their howls shattered the stillness of the night, answered by a half yell/half scream, as the transformation worked its way across the mass of huddled flesh that ripped its binding cloth to shreds. Soon, all movement ceased, and the body, firelight flickering across it, was still.
  Fred moved forward, eager to see his new mate, eager to run beside him, and even more eager to take him, willingly or unwillingly, into his cave, and into his heart. The leader snarled, and a pair of ears snapped up, listening. Fred looked at them... There was something wrong, he could feel it. Then the eyes opened, and the wolf took a step back, hackles rising. For instead of the pale yellow rings, the one laying supine had blue irises. Not a bright shade of blue, but the same coloration that can be seen in deep ice.
  The animal lay blinking, then as Lothar snarled again, raised a shaggy head. Fred's eyes widened. The wolf was gray, but not the gray of the two who also stood, heads low, growling deeply. This was the gray of the Arctic Tundra... Now Fear and Love battled against each other inside him. Matt watched, too awestricken to even make a noise, as the new one slowly uncurled long forelegs, and powerful hind quarters moved upward. Fred too was shocked. This was his destined mate? The one that for eight hellishly long seasons of having his dreams haunted with? This animal was the one HE was going to toss inside His den, and be mated with for life?
  Matt stood by his lover. "He's huge... I have never seen one like him." Lothar agreed, but still kept his guard up, as did the others. Even the largest of their pack barely came up to the giant's shoulders. His level gaze scanned the pack, making whichever animal it touched shiver. They finally rested on Fred, who was being torn in three directions at once. His head told him to run, but his heart told him to go forward, to claim his destiny...
  Without warning, a gray streak of lightning appeared, and hit the newcomer, rolling him head-over haunches. Bart roared his anger. He would apologize to Fred later, but nobody grabbed Him like a cub, and got away with it! He would rip the upstart male a few times, then let Fred finish the... Twin beams of ice hit him, and despite the warm weather, Bart shivered. John stood beside him, head still burning where the man-now-wolf had pressed its lips. "Stay out of this, Love," he snarled, moving stiff-legged over to the shaggy one, now standing. A small gash ran down one foreleg. So, he is mortal. Bart leaped, intending to make another ripping gash. But instead of a leg, his teeth met fur. Thick hair on a chest made out of an oaken barrel. Smack! The animal lay on the ground, half-stunned. Jaws that would have little difficulty in snapping a cow's neck, closed just behind his head.
  Once again, the world spun crazily, as Bart pinwheeled through the air, crashing in a heap several feet away. He blinked, very much surprised to find himself still among the living. Lothar moved closer, looking the gray one over. Fred sniffed the breeze, the scent of maleness, and blood, made him all the more determined to have the wolf. "I am the male, you are my mate. I will be your lover for eternity, You will... be... mine..." His words faltered, as those eyes pierced his body, and examined his very soul. Something sparkled behind those orbs, something he felt also. As if by a hidden orchestra, the night was alive with beautiful music, the air charged with magic, His heart beat with the same rhythm as the one who stood before him.
  The leader turned, and howling, ran. All the others also gave vent to yowls, and followed... all except two. Fred stood a moment, then grinned and loped off after the others. Bart had showed him his love may be big, but he was still made of flesh. And flesh could be beaten into submission. But, somewhere deep down, a part of him wanted to feel that gigantic belly rub his back, those monstrous jaws to hold his neck in a passionate embrace. In the society of Wolves, one could be male, or female, but not both. But Fred didn't know fate, or the Gray One!
  Lothar and Matt stood on either side of the small trail, watching the pack file in. "What kind if animal was he?" "A Cave Wolf." One of the creatures, so old his muzzle was white, trotted up to the pair of sentries. "In the days of the Ice Age, wolves roamed that were his size." "But Professor, How..." The old one gave the equivalent of a shrug. "Only HE knows, and HE is not telling..." The wolves touched their noses to their forepaws in reverence to the one who watched over all the forest creatures. Now, they could only wait. Wait to see who came up the trail...The Gray One or Fred...
  The animal in question stood in a meadow, waiting. Here it would be decided, who was going to be on top. Like a ghost, the Grayish Wolf appeared. Fred found himself again filled with pride, as his soon-to-be lover moved closer. He growled deeply. "Submit!" "No." The voice rumbled across the grass, powerful as its owner. "Then, I will make You!" He leaped at the big throat, hoping to wrestle the other down, and overpower him. What he got was a stiff forearm in the head. Whack! Fred rolled off to one side, stars dancing before his eyes. Sunufabich! He shook his head, and lay, trying to clear his head.
  He felt rather then heard the animal standing behind him. A nose pressed into his haunches, warm breath slid across his leg, then dipped under it. "What the..." A warm tongue ran wetly across his balls, while his leg was nuzzled aside. Fred groaned, pleasure fighting with his headache, as his testicles were engulfed in warmth. A nose rubbed the base of his cock, as his scrotum was cradled in the strong jaws.
  His balls were rotated in their sack, making them swell, and sending waves of lust up the animal's spine. Fred's head lolled, forelegs digging into the grass. After eons of torture, the mouth let his now thoroughly soaked scrotum slide out. Now, his sheath was being lapped on. Fred growled warningly, and tried to stand. The Gray wolf simply stood over Fred, and flipping him onto his back, lay on top of him. So much for showing him who's boss! "Get off of me, You big Ass-Hooooooowwwllll..." Sharp teeth slid his sheath back and Fred yelped, his eyes crossing, as the animal above him tortured his naked cock. His hips jerked up, fucking the wolf's muzzle. Drool ran warmly across his balls as Gray sucked hungrily on his doggy-cock.
  Everything swam, and he moaned softly. Something rubbed against his chin. Fred bent his neck to see what it was and saw two big dicks, red and shiny. He huffed. Not only is the bastard twice as big as me, he has two cocks... Male scent caressed his nostrils, as a drop of cum glistened from the fat cock-heads. He had to have it, but which one to get first? He slapped his tongue at the left one, and got fur. Huh??? Maybe the right... Again he got hair and not flesh. Well, if it isn't the left one and it isn't the right one... He closed his eyes and threw his tongue up, aiming between the two images. Slap. Gotcha!
  His tongue rolled over the knobby end, harvesting the clear fluid. Haunches still pumping at the wolf's mouth, he rolled his tongue around the thick piece of maleness, and guided it into his mouth. Fred lay there, enjoying the feel, the texture, the taste of his lover, but still not sure what to do. That was until Gray started sliding in and out of his mouth. His need growing with every stroke, the wolf sucked on the muzzleful. His throat opened, pulling on the intruder as it slid in, sucking, swallowing, and breathing on the out-strokes.
  Fred howled, his balls being drained into warm, wet suction, as his orgasm hit him between the eyes. He heard the animal above him yelp, and his mouth was flooded with sweet, sticky cum. He swallowed frantically, not wanting to waste a drop. At last, his lover stopped trying to pull his testicles out though his penis, and the cock in his mouth shrank back into its sheath. Gray lifted himself off and went down to the pond to get a drink, while a very tired animal lay on his side.
  A beam of moonlight hit him, starting a slow burning fire. The Mating Law, returned in full force. "You Can Be A Male, Or A Female..." He did not have to say the words. Generation after generation followed the Law. It still had not been settled. Fred was the male, he had found this upstart, and he would take him, in the way of his kind. Or He would die trying! Fred jumped up, like he was on springs. Lust pumped through his veins, burning all reason from his mind. "Now we will see who fucks who!" He roared, throwing himself at the shaggy creature.
  Again, the wolf launched himself at the large animal. This time he met a chest, made out of Oak and Fur. Massive jaws clamped around his neck, and he was shaken like a wet coat. Up, down, and sideways. Then he was tossed aside. Fred hit the ground, bounced twice, and went ears-over tail, finally coming to rest in a furry heap. He lay there, watching the world spin around, and wishing whoever was pounding on his head with that hammer would stop. "Are you all right?" Except for a broken neck, a goose-egg crowning his noggin, and a ton of bruises, He was fine. Fred gritted teeth. He had lost. "I submit, Take me..."
  "What?" The wolf sounded puzzled. "You have beaten me. I will be your female. Take me as one." He waited for teeth to grab his neck, for a huge cock to slide under his tail, to be taken savagely, as his kind did. When none of those things happened, he opened his eyes. "Raise Your head." The gray one stood in front of him. "Do you love me?" What kind of stupid question was that? Yet, his mate was serious. "For eternity," He answered. "And I you. Does it really matter who mates, and who is mated, as long as we both enjoy the mating?" Fred thought for a few moments, the taste of his lover's semen still lingering sweetly on his tongue.
  Something ripped inside him, and eons of gender imaging was destroyed in a heartbeat, by the power that made even the world turning on its axis seem pale in comparison. He swallowed, and laughed. "Not at all! Now, will you mate with me?" "Only if you return the favor." "Gladly."
  Love shone out their eyes, and gave them auras of rainbow hues. Gray muzzle pressed against Tan muzzle, then two tongues touched in a wolf-kiss. Fred moaned and turned, again, expecting to be taken forcibly, like all his kind were. But instead of raking claws, there were gentle forearms, that massaged his sides, as the animal simply walked over him. Instead of strong jaws and sharp teeth, holding him down, making him submit, there was a warm nose nuzzling his neck, a tongue sliding across the back of an ear. Instead of snarls and threats, there was the sounds of the night, of quiet, of two hearts beating as one. "My name is Zak." Fred twisted his neck up, and looked into those ice-blue orbs. "Zak." It sounded like a cough.
  "I'm Fred, now would you hurry up and Fu.... uuuunnngh!" That same thick cock that had earlier tickled his tonsils, was now sliding into his anus. The pain was momentary, and swept away by pleasure, as a dick that belonged on a horse burrowed deeply into his guts. At last fur met fur, and ball-sac pressed against ball-sac. Fred swallowed, half expecting to see a red pole jut out his mouth. He shook his hips, as his ass adjusted to the intruder. The Gray wolf moved slowly at first, then faster, more urgently. A large muzzle pressed into an eagerly upthrust one. Tongues slid over each other, and twined in lust. Two voices sounded as one, telling the world that another pair of lovers had joined souls, on the higher plane of ecstasy.
  Fred lay, enjoying the feelings... The cock swelling inside him, the warm seed filling his bowels, the tongue lolling between his ears, the belly pressing on his back, his own orgasm... His anus tried desperately to hold onto that slippery appendage that had given him so much pleasure, while his ears twitched, still echoing with the sounds his lover had made. Zak groaned and slowly moved off of him, then lay down, and lifted his tail. "Your turn, Lover." Fred pulled himself up, and shook out all the kinks. Then grinning, his own cock stiff and ready, he went over to his partner. One thing the wolf found out. As big as Gray was, his ass was still very tight. And warm. And... Fred found out there was actually a place higher than ecstasy, as his body went on automatic pilot. This was too mu... Splash!
  Coughing and sputtering, the wolf allowed himself to be helped out by his much larger mate. "What the hell happened?!?" He stared into a pair of eyes, no longer icy, but warm as a midsummer's night sky. "You passed out. Want to try again?" Fred winced, as his balls ached from being emptied at least twice in the same night. "Not for a while, anyway. Come on, I'll show you our cave... Although it may be a little cramped for you."
  And while the Forest smiled upon the happy couple, they trotted off towards the waning moon, and a new life.
  The End

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