Queer Horror

The 2005 Queer Horror Awards

In 2005, gay, lesbian and (partial) bisexual content is represented. There is still no transsexual content.

Best overall
Dante's Cove by Michael Costanza and Michael Oblowitz
While there is still plenty of room for improvement... this is the first gay horror series produced on any cable station. If you are into the standard 'hot gay man,' this series offers everything you need.

Best non-fiction
The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film by Drewey Wayne Gunn
An intriguing look at where gay males, detectives, and the supernatural all converge.

Best short story collection
Blood Lust : Erotic Vampire Tales by M. Christian and Todd Gregory
A hot collection of gay male vampire tales.

Best movie
October Moon by Jason Paul Collum
Obsessed gay males have been done to death, this is the realm of an obsessed straight male and how it affects gay males.

Best short (movie)
Gay By Dawn by Jonathan London
A humorous look at what a 'gay monster' would look like to the straightest of straights.

Best TV
Dante's Cove by Michael Costanza and Michael Oblowitz
The first GLBT horror show on cable TV! This mini-series holds the key for what's to come.

2005 Award Nominations



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