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Because horror is a difficult category to pin down exactly, some books, movies and the like are close, but are not technically horror. In this category are queer dystopias, the opposite of utopias -- dark and foreboding futures that no one would want to be in. A horror for those that live within them, but not technically horror.

In most cases, a dystopia for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and those who are transgender is the same as that for straights. A world ruled by apes, where humans are the slaves, would be difficult to arive at regardless of your sexuality. Learning that the world is so over-populated that the a new snackfood is made of people disturbs anyone whether or not they cross gender boundaries or are attracted to members of the same sex.

But we queers can imagine other dystopias that may not trouble the average man-on-the-street. Some of the stories within this area paint a bleak picture that many of us can imagine, and some that are disturbing, because they are not terribly removed from the world we currently inhabit. Hopefully, to queers living in a distant future, the world of today is a dystopia, filled with homophobia that they cannot comprehend.

Within this section of QueerHorror are books and movies that potray dystopic visions that may be queer-specific, or universal but including GLBT folks. This is a new area of QueerHorror and will need the help of fans to become complete. The hope is that it will eventually become complete and contain every GLBT dystopia ever thought of, and with that hopefully the key to helping us avoid them.

There are ratings given to books and movies in order to help those without much time find what fans consider to be good material. Please realize that the ratings are based solely on a few people's likes and dislikes, and cannot therefore predict how much any given person will enjoy them. However, everyone has the ability to add their rating and words of wisdom to any book or movie on the site. So we encourage people to use the ratings as a guide, but to add their own rating if they disagree with those given.

For those of you who are burning to talk about their favorite dystopias or any not given, the Queer Dystopic Forum is a bulletin board system to read and send messages to others with similar interests. If you have any more questions, check out the FAQ.

If you know of anything that is missing from this site, please let us know.  If you have any sites that you feel should be linked with this one, go to our add-a-link page.  These pages are unrated, so please tread with caution!

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