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Some queer horror categories have not been as well explored as others, to the point that they don't warrent their own part of the site. While vampires, werewolves, ghosts and demons, and even dark thrillers and dystopic views are all well represented in queer media, mummies, Frankenstein monsters, yeti and sea monsters are not. While that may not surprise you... what may is that in for an orientation that loves word-play and camp, things specific to our community like trolls and faries are also rarely encountered.

This section of the site is a 'catch-all' for books and movies and other things that are not quite horrific enough to be called pure horror, but still contain the infrequently represented supernatural creatures associated with horror. But if gay abominable snowmen or transexual sea hags are what you seek -- never fear. As a category of monsters grows big enough to get its own section of the site, the items here will be moved there. Until then, feel free to explore the miscellaneous queer monsters; talk to others, visit other sites, or just learn more about queer horror.

Since this is the miscellaneous virtually 'uncharted regions' of queer horror., we're always looking for additional items for this area, as well as reviewers of books and movies. This is also the area for writers who want to submit a story or article that has not been done before!