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Queer Thriller Movies by Title


Here is a short list of GLBT dark thriller movies. These movies have significant queer content and while they are not quite horror, they should still cause you a moment or two of dread.

These are the items that have been found, a general description, and the general rating by the fans. (note: the ratings shows not only how good the story is, but also how well the horror or creatures are portrayed, and openly queer it is.  A really good non-gay item might score very low).

Title Director Description Year Rating
0 Feet Away
gay content
Frank Fox

Looking for a good time, Chase stays home one night searching for a hook-up online. What starts off as a flirty conversation with 'Stealth,' ends up getting creepier by the inch.

2014 D-
24th Day, The
gay content
Tony Piccirillo

If you were infected with AIDS and you know who it came from what would you do?

2004 B-
Apartment Zero
gay content bisexual content transgender content heterosexual content
Martin Donovan

A lonely sociopath is forced to rent his insane mothers room due to poor ticket sales at his revival movie theater. The new roommate seems normal enough at first, but disturbing incidents begin to occur.

1988 B
Basic Instinct
bisexual content heterosexual content
Paul Verhoeven

Controversial, film noir-ish cop thriller about detective falling for sexy bisexual murder suspect. Oozing kinkiness from every pore, it's more for those seeking an erotic charge than for suspense-packed whodunit junkies.

1992 B
lesbian content
Andy and Larry Wachowski

An offbeat, sexy neo-noir thriller about lesbian lovers planning to rob the mob.

1996 A
Cherry Falls
transgender content heterosexual content
Geoffrey Wright

A killer is killing off the virgins of a small town high school.

2000 D-
gay content
William Friedkin

A serial killer brutally slays and dismembers several gay men in San Francisco's S&M and leather districts. A young police officer is sent undercover onto the streets as decoy for the murderer. Working almost completely isolated from his department, he has to learn and practice the complex rules and signals of this little society. While barely seeing his girlfriend anymore, the work starts changing him.

1980 B-
gay content heterosexual content
Sam Raimi

A scientist on the verge of a major discovery in synthetic skin is burned beyond recognition when his laboratory is demolished by a sadistic gang. Altered by an experimental medical procedure, the man known as Darkman begins to assume alternate identities and seeks revenge against his assailants.

1990 C+
gay content heterosexual content
Sidney Lumet

If you were a famed mystery playwright with a devastating string of recent flops, what would you do for a can't-miss thriller script? Beg for it? Pay for it? Pray for it? Kill for it?

1982 B
Dressed to Kill
transgender content heterosexual content
Brian De Palma

A woman is murdered early in the film and her psychiatrist is called in to help solve the case. Initially reluctant to help the police, the psychiatrist finds that the detective assigned to the murder seems happy to do nothing, leaving the investigation to a prostitute who witnessed the murder and the son of the deceased.

1980 --
Fan, The
gay content
Edward Bianchi

A star is threatened when an obsessed fan feels that he has been rejected by his idol.

1981 --
gay content bisexual content
John Huckert

A serial killer ensnares a closeted detective in a deadly game. The stake? The lives of the gay hookers in the area, and the detective's career!

1998 A
Heart of Midnight
transgender content
Matthew Chapman

Carol inherits a night club from her weird uncle. She moves into the place, only to find out just how weird her uncle really was. She begins to remember more about her very special relationship with her uncle as she battles her memories and her surroundings in her new home.

1988 C-
In Cold Blood
gay content bisexual content
Richard Brooks

Two criminals, when teemed together, prove to be a murderous duo, ultimately killing a rural family.

1967 B+
In the Blood
gay content heterosexual content
Lou Peterson

Cassidy must come to terms with his unusual talent, shared by his aunt and his dead mother --
the ability to foresee the future. As his visions become more frequent, Cassidy realizes
that he must completely embrace his gay desires if he is to crack this gory mystery.

2006 A
Love & Human Remains
gay content lesbian content bisexual content heterosexual content
Denys Arcand

A dark comedy showcasing a group of 7 people looking for love, and a serial killer stealing lives.

1993 B
Make a Wish
lesbian content
Sharon Ferranti

A divergent group of women go on a weekend camping trip, which turns to terror as they are stalked by a mysterious killer.

2002 C+
Mommy's House
gay content
Aron Kantor

A pair of gay jewel thieves' car breaks down and forces them to a mansion in the middle of the woods, where they meet a strange woman known only by 'Mommy.'

2007 --
Mother of Tears
lesbian content
Dario Argento

A young American art student, Sarah, who unwittingly opens an ancient urn that unleashes the demonic power of the world's most powerful witch.

2007 --
Mulholland Drive
lesbian content bisexual content heterosexual content
David Lynch

Two beautiful women are caught up in a lethally twisted mystery and ensnared in an equally dangerous web of erotic passion.

2001 --
Night Warning
gay content heterosexual content
William Asher

Obsession means death for a teenager in this classic Oedipus story.

1982 --
October Moon
gay content
Jason Paul Collum

A 'heterosexual' man develops an unhealthy obsession with out openly gay man.

2005 --
Old Dark House, The
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
James Whale

A storm forces travelers to take refuge in a frightening old house and to meet its bizarre inhabitants.

1932 C
gay content heterosexual content
Andrzej Zulawski

A man follows his wife to find out why she left, but learns more than he expected.

1981 --
Profondo Rosso
gay content heterosexual content
Dario Argento

A telepath picks up on the thoughts of a murderer and becomes a victim. After witnessing this murder, his neighbor must find the murderer.

1975 --
transgender content heterosexual content
Alfred Hitchcock

Classic Hitchcock mystery thriller about grisly murders at isolated motel. Critics and audiences still rave over creepy lead performance, tension-filled build-up. A must for fans of suspense, psychological terror.

1960 A
gay content heterosexual content
Alfred Hitchcock

Two young men share a New York apartment. They consider themselves intellectually superior to their friend and as a consequence decide to murder him. Together they strangle him with a rope and placing the body in an old chest, they proceed to hold a small party. The guests include his father, his fianc\ée and their old schoolteacher from whom they mistakenly took their ideas.

1948 A
Scream 2
gay content heterosexual content
Wes Craven

A follow up to the movie Scream. A masked killer causes havoc in a small college town.

1997 --
Sex Psycho
gay content
Thor Stephens

A handsome young man is being stalked, not knowing who his predator is... or does he? To make matters worse, he also suffers from a mental disorder of short-term memory loss, which in fact is stimulated by sleazy sex!

2003 --
Shelter Island
lesbian content
Geoffrey Schaaf

When a wealthy woman is brutally attacked near her Manhattan home, she and her lover retreat to their newly acquired country mansion for some alone time.

2003 D-
Silence of the Lambs
gay content transgender content heterosexual content
Jonathan Demme

A novice FBI agent must track down a serial killer who puts women down in a pit, tortures them and removes their skin to make dresses. Her only help? The killer's former psychiatrist who likes to eat people.

1991 A
Single White Female
gay content heterosexual content
Barbet Schroeder

When a 'Single White Female' places an ad for a similar woman to rent a room, all the applicants seem weird. Finally, along comes a level headed woman who seems to be just right. But the new lodger has a secret past which haunts her.

1992 --
Slice of Terror, A
gay content
Michael Haboush

A part-time pizza delivery man makes the people who humiliated him pay.

2004 D-
Stepford Wives, The
gay content heterosexual content
Frank Oz

What does it take to become a Stepford wife, a woman perfect beyond belief? Ask the Stepford husbands, who've created this high-tech terrifying little town.

2004 --
Talented Mr. Ripley
gay content
Anthony Minghella

In late 1950's New York, Tom Ripley, a young underachiever, is sent to Europe to retrieve a rich and spoiled millionaire playboy, named Dickie Greenleaf. But when the errand fails, Ripley kills the playboy and begins to assume his life.

1999 --
Vampyros Lesbos
lesbian content
Jess (Jesus) Franco

A descendent of Dracula, isolated on an island, lures young women to her home where she kills them and bathes in their blood. Eventually she falls in love with one of her victims who turns on her and kills her.

1971 --
gay content
Philip Saville

Two gay teenagers witness the brutal slaying of the owner of a gay bar and must run for their lives.

1988 --

Title Director Description Year Rating
Dante's Cove
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Sam Irvin

The sexy, young residence of a peaceful beach-side town are plunged into a
world of intrigue, secrets and shifting romantic ties when their town's
sinister, supernatural past comes alive.

2005 --
gay content lesbian content bisexual content heterosexual content

The Torchwood Institute is a secret British government agency that researches and reverse engineers alien technologies.

2006 --


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