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Lesbian Werewolf Books by Title

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Title Author Description Year Rating
Chilling Tales of Terror and the Supernatural
gay content lesbian content transgender content
Patty G. Henderson

A collection of GLBT horror 'flash fiction,' stories under 1000 words.

2008 A
Drag Queen of Elfland: Short Stories, The
gay content lesbian content
Lawrence Schimel

A collection of queer stories, which includes a few stories dealing with vampires, werewolves and other monstrosities.

1997 --
Embracing the Dark
gay content lesbian content
Eric Garber

An anthology of eleven short stories of horror and dark fantasy, with gay men and lesbians at the center of these tales of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and spirits.

1991 --
Fistful of Charms, A
lesbian content heterosexual content
Kim Harrison

The adventures of a trio of supernatural bounty hunters continues as the witch's boyfriend returns with a powerful object that many will kill to possess.

2006 --
gay content lesbian content
Ford Davis

Each full moon changes the lives of the citizens of an Austin greenbelt -- especially those of a few gay and lesbian citizens.

2009 --
Monsters in the Closet : Homosexuality and the Horror Film (Inside Popular Film)
gay content lesbian content
Harry M. Benshoff

Horror fiction has always portrayed society's greatest fears as monstrous incarnations of 'the other,' so it should be no surprise that there has always been a clear homoerotic subtext in horror films--from Frankenstein to Interview with the Vampire.

1997 A
Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles
lesbian content
Pat Murphy

Murphy turns with great success to historical fantasy, giving us Nadya, the werewolf child of European werewolf immigrants. She grows up in 1830s Missouri and heads west after her parents' tragic deaths. She endures all the normal hardships of the trail to California at that time, to say nothing of the special hazards incumbent on being a werewolf. She seeks a frontier where no one will trouble her but finds it steadily receding before her. Based on thorough research, featuring convincing characterizations, and sparked by a page-turning pace (despite the fact it is so richly detailed that you want to slow down now and then), this is a comprehensively excellent yarn

1997 --
Queer Fear II: Gay Horror Fiction
gay content lesbian content bisexual content
Michael Rowe

Building on the success of Queer Fear (which won the Queer Horror - Best Short Story award in 2000), Queer Fear II brings 22 new GLBT horror stories.

2002 --
Rainbow Arc of Fire: Autumn Saga
gay content lesbian content
Gregory Earl Sanchez

A super-powered couple accidentally unleashes a flood of monsters on an unsuspecting city.

1997 D-
lesbian content heterosexual content
Melanie Tem

A family of female werewolves, united by their primitive rituals, runs through the streets of Denver in desperate pursuit of their youngest member, an uninitiated, half-human runaway whose reckless life threatens the survival of the group.

1992 C-
Women Who Run with the Werewolves: Tales of Blood, Lust and Metamorphosis
lesbian content
Pam Keesey

Like the femme fatale, the female werewolf is dangerous and alluring, often using her sexuality to destroy men. But while the vampire employs seduction to capture her prey, the werewolf is most often associated with raw lust and animal instinct. Her desires literally turn her into an animal.

1996 A


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