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There are a few queer vampire characters in movies and in TV.  In general, we try to stick with ones that are more central to the plot.    Special thanks to Pam Keesey for helping jumpstart this list by providing us with an extensive Filmography from her book 'Vamps'.

These are the items that have been found, a general description, and the general rating by the fans. (note: the ratings shows not only how good the story is, but also how well the horror or creatures are portrayed, and openly queer it is.  A really good non-gay item might score very low).

This page focuses on all gay vampire items.

For a page that shows all orientations, please go here

Title Director Description Year Rating
Bite II, The
gay content
Chi Chi LaRue

Return to the realm of thirst quenching sex and spectacular special FX, of sibling rivalry, gold-digging muscle studs, and murderous butlers in the chilling sequel to 'The Bite'.

1998 B+
Bite Marks
gay content bisexual content
Mark Bessenger

A truck driver picks up a couple of hitch hikers. When the truck breaks down
he discovers he is carrying a coffin. The three soon find themselves
barricaded in the truck, waiting for the dawn.

2011 B+
Bite This!
gay content
Jan Osten

These young Czech studs say 'bite this' to the local Vampire. Lots of 'trans-vein-mania' here!

1996 --
Bite, The
gay content
Taylor Hudson

The story centers around a fraternity that is using a vampire master's old house for their initiation. The brothers show up two by two where they are mesmerized into having sex with each other and then brought into the vampire's clutches to become his dinner.

1993 --
Bride's Initiation, The
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Duncan Stewart

In this adult erotic feature, Dracula kidnaps a pair of newlyweds and proceeds to initiate the bride to married life in his own peculiar way. Changing his mind in midstream, the count pursues a different woman, only to discover a change taking place in him.

1976 D
Brides of Sodom
gay content lesbian content bisexual content heterosexual content
Creep Creepersin

A classic vampire story set in a post apocalyptic world where vampires are named for Greek gods, and witches rule.

2013 D-
Brotherhood, The
gay content heterosexual content
David DeCoteau

The story follows a Fraternity of vampires intent on initiating an innocent jock into their blood craving underworld.

2001 B+
Cav. Costante Nicosia demoniaco, ovvero: Dracula in Brianza, Il
gay content heterosexual content
Lucio Fulci

A homophobic parody of the vampire genre involving a neurotic man thinking that a bite has turned him into a gay vampire. Only blood will keep him macho.

1975 --
Daughters of Darkness
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Harry Kümel

Newlyweds stop at a deserted hotel where a sinister countess relates the story of her ancestor who found eternal youth by bathing in the blood of 800 virgins. Coincidentally, a blood-drained woman is found murdered in a nearby village.

1970 B
Dead Boys Club 2
gay content
Todd Russell

The Dead Boys Club, a group of gay amateur horror movie makers, wins a trip to Hollywood to work with a professional director who has an interest in making their horror movie. But little do they know that the director has other, more deadly plans for them.

2003 --
Dead Serious
gay content heterosexual content
Joe Sullivan

A religious zealot and his terrorist cult take over a gay bar in New York City. Their plan is to remove the scourge of homosexuality from the planet. Now a group of unlikely heroes must fight to survive the night and save the city.

2005 --
Death of P'Town, The
gay content
Ken Jacobs

A seven minute film featuring a homosexual vampire.

1963 --
Dis | connected
gay content
Ellary Stag

Three different stories tied together by a man's fantasies. One story has a chilling vampire sequence which is both erotic and disturbing.

1992 B-
gay content transgender content
James Moss and Andy Milligan

A short movie about a Harlem hairdresser who becomes a vampire and whoever
he bites turns into a - no, not a vampire ... a drag queen!

1973 --
Dragula, Queen of Darkness
gay content transgender content

Transsexual vampire porn. This tape contains four disconnected scenes which deal with transsexual vampire sex.

1996 --
Fearless Vampire Killers, The
gay content heterosexual content
Roman Polanski

An eccentric professor and his assistant go to Europe to find vampires. In an attempt to rescue a beautiful girl, they meet the Count's gay vampire son, Herbert, who has taken an interest in the assistant.

1967 C
gay content
Quentin Lee

Flow tells five stories, each of which take on a different rhetoric and a different genre: expressionism, slasher, film noir, documentary and romance. 'Key in the Heart' is a queer vampire tale crossing surrealism and expressionism.

1996 --
Fright Night
gay content heterosexual content
Tom Holland

A high school boy suspects that his suave next-door neighbor is a vampire. Of course, when he turns out to be right, he depends on his disbelieving friends and a reluctant actor to bail him out.

1985 B-
gay content
Roger Earl

Count Drac is back - and this time he's sucking more than just necks! Gayracula stalks the streets of L.A. for the hunkiest victims to ever succumb to lust.

1983 D-
HIS Dracula
gay content
Bobby Drake

A somewhat faithful retelling of the classic story, done as a gay porn.

2012 --
Interview with the Vampire
gay content heterosexual content
Neil Jordan

This big-budget film traces the centuries-long relationship between the regal vampire Lestat and his immortal victim, Louis, through a contemporary interview between Louis and a San Francisco journalist.

1994 D-
Kissing Darkness
gay content
James Townsend

A group of gay guys, and their straight host, head to a camping trip in the woods when they unexpectedly unleash something evil.

2014 D-
Love Bites
gay content
Marvin Jones

Erotic gay movie about a vampire hunter who falls in love with a vampire.

1992 B+
Lust Boys, The
gay content
Jeff Lawrence

This near mythical character must submerge himself in an orgy of sex-driven youths in order to survive.

1999 --
My Best Friend is a Vampire
gay content heterosexual content
Jimmy Huston

A high-school student meets the girl of his dreams. But after meeting the girl of his dreams, he finds himself turning into a vampire.

1987 --
Night Boys, The
gay content
Gino Colbert

Vampires have long been known to have an irresistible sexual power over their chosen victims, and Count Vladimir is no exception. His valet, Ivan, is compelled to lure young men into the mausoleum, where the Count takes them to the torrid heights of sexual ecstasy, and then turns them into his slaves.

1991 D-
Once Bitten
gay content heterosexual content
Howard Storm

A horny vampiress goes on the prowl for young virgin males. Since she has to find them in modern-day Los Angeles, she has quite a problem.

1985 D-
gay content
Jeremy LaLonde

A young vampire returns home to come out of the coffin to his parents.

2013 C
Requiem for a Vampire (2006)
gay content heterosexual content
John Orrichio

After drinking tainted blood, a vampire becomes ill. Now the vampire's family must prepare for the first recorded vampire funeral.

2006 --
Scab, the Movie
gay content
Thomas Jason Davis

When a one-night stand turns Ajay into a vampire, he decides misery really does love company and tries to suck his friends Teague and Floor into a life of bloodlust.

2005 --
Sons of Satan
gay content
Tom DeSimone (a.k.a. Lancer Brooks)

A man visits a house containing a cult of gay vampires in search for his brother who has mysteriously vanished. Not believing their claim that they knew nothing, he breaks in to discover his brother being initiated into the cult of Natas. But, now that he knows too much, the cult can't afford to let him leave.

1973 D-
Spirit is Willing, The
gay content
Kennith Holloway

The Spirit Is Willing is an amusing, often hot look at Halloween fun through the eyes of three stereotypical older gay men who reminisce about all the fun they had when they were young studs.

1986 D+
gay content
Brian Evans

A vampire sets out to infect the blood of a hospital.

1998 F
Tenderness of Wolves, The
gay content
Ulli Lommel

A criminal is recruited by the cops to help snare some members of the underworld but far from goes 'straight' because of his new job. Pulling scams and stealing are daily activities..., and luring teenage boys into his home is a nightly one. There, the lads meet with a hideous fate, then find their flesh butchered and sold to the local meat shop..., which is doing rather well with the 'delicacy.'

1973 --
gay content
Michael Zen

Two hustlers learn a lesson in life as they enter a mental institution with an evil doctor and his, unusual, brother

2005 --
Traditional Family Vampires
gay content heterosexual content
Bob Poirier

An over-the-top comedy about a right wing / conservative family of vampires that go door to door sucking blood, until they meet up with a particularly unsavory character (they morally object to one victim's sexual orientation, thereby not finishing the job.... and we all know what happens if you don't drain 'em dry!)

2000 A
gay content
Michael Saul

A young man prepares to sate his thirst for sex... and for blood. Hover tells a tale not only of vampirism, but also equates it to that of child molestation.

1996 --
Ultimate Reality
gay content
Ross Cannon

An unusual gay porn video about a new cybersex CD-ROM in a video store that
creates your wildest fantasies and pulls you in to it. The trouble is that while
you may get your fantasies, it will be based upon the old classic horror movies.

1996 --
Vampire Boys
gay content
Mark Reilly

Two lovers are attacked in the park one evening by an unseen assailant. One is bitten, captured and tortured by the vampire. Later, another man is bitten and captured and offered to the new. Finally the other man is lured back to the cellar by the two new vampires who gang up on him...all for vampire master's pleasure.

2000 D-
Vampire of Budapest, The
gay content
Kristen Bjorn

In Mysterious Budapest, the true Hungarian legend of the Vampire, the one you have never been told before, still lives on. Abandon all hope as 16 hot-blooded Hungarian hunks guide you into the depths of darkness, where you will long to remain forever! It's love at first bite.

1995 --
Velocity of Gary (Not His Real Name), The
gay content bisexual content heterosexual content
Dan Ireland

Gritty, sometimes misguided story of AIDS-stricken bisexual porn star and makeshift group of lovers and friends who unify during his illness. Interesting but patchy drama best enjoyed by non-mainstream moviegoers.

1998 --


Title Director Description Year Rating
American Horror Story: Hotel
gay content lesbian content bisexual content transgender content heterosexual content

The enigmatic Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California catches the eye of an intrepid homicide detective. The Cortez is host to many disturbing scenarios and paranormal events, and is overseen by its enigmatic matron, The Countess, a bloodsucking fashionista.

2015 A
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Joss Whedon

In a city overpopulated by demons, warlocks and some really nasty lawyers, a creature of the night becomes Los Angeles greatest hope.

1999 --
Being Human
gay content

A look into the lives of three twenty-somethings trying to live a normal social life, despite being a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost respectively.[3]

2008 --
Buffy - the Vampire Slayer (the Series)
gay content lesbian content bisexual content transgender content heterosexual content
Joss Whedon

In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is...the SLAYER.

1997 A
Kids in the Hall
gay content transgender content heterosexual content

The TV series of the Canadian sketch comedy troupe that, more often than not, puts bizarre, unique, and insane twists in their skits.

1988 --
Lair, The
gay content
Frank Olen Ray

In a small island town, the bodies of young nameless men are turning up dead with grisly wounds to their necks. A young journalist named Thom is investigating the mysterious John Doe Murders. Clues lead Thom to a private gentleman's club called The Lair, where the darkest desires are fulfilled.

2007 --
Midnight, Texas
gay content
David Solomon

In a town filled with the exceptional, the dead and damned try to force their way through.

2017 B
October Faction
gay content heterosexual content

Follow the adventures of a retired monster-hunter and his family.

2020 C+
Saturday Night Live
gay content heterosexual content

The classic late night live sketch comedy show.

1994 --
True Blood
gay content heterosexual content

A mind reading waitress must deal with her attraction to a vampire in a world where the vampire community recently came out of the closet.

2008 A
Van Helsing
gay content heterosexual content

Vanessa Helsing, a distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected only to find that vampires have taken over the world.

2016 B+

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